5 Best Sites to Sell Your Dress

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1. BravoBride: Here at BravoBride, we help you with every aspect of your wedding, from planning ideas, to DIY’s to selling the dress after the big day.

If you need help getting started on selling your dress, we’re here to help you out! Or if you have questions… we can answer those too. Or, if you have no idea where to even start, we can put you at ease and help you out.

But every bride, like her dress, is different and has different needs! So here are four other great sites where you can sell your dress online and ensure you get the best experience.

1. Nearly Newlywed: A great site where you submit your dress online and they take care of the rest like the listing, posting, social media and selling. All you have to do is ship it when it sells! Pay a $25 listing fee or you can pay $249 which covers the listing fee and getting it professionally cleaned.

2. Wedding Bee: This site allows you to both sell your dress and become a part of the conversation! Blog about your wedding and share some DIY ideas with other brides.

3. Tradesy: Sell your dress online and take home 91% of the commission! They only take a small percentage so you can be sure of getting a good deal.

4. Once Wed: This site helps you sell your dress or, if you’re in the process of getting married, provides you a list of vendors previous brides have tried and loved.

The best advice we here at BravoBride can give you is to find a venue via which you can sell your dress where you can become a part of the conversation and make sure your dress goes to a loving bride. Make sure you find a place that allows you to take the maximum amount of commission possible and make it easy for you to sell! It’s always a plus when they have a great support system where you can ensure all of your concerns will be addressed and the selling process goes as smoothly as possible.

Happy selling!




Fab Finds: Personalized Stamps

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Looking for a way to impress your guests and veer off the traditional wedding invitations? Look no further than Lillmandrill, bringing you personalized stamps and temporary tattoos. Their unique take on stamps adds quite the flair to any occasion and are easily customizable!

Photo Credit: Lillmandrill

Photo Credit: Lillmandrill

Let your guests enjoy your beautiful faces as temporary tattoos! This is a fun little souvenir they can take with them at the end of the night and remember all of the fun they had laughing, eating and dancing and celebrating your special day. This is also a small token that children will enjoy!

Photo Credit: Lillmandrill

Photo Credit: Lillmandrill

Does your family include a furry friend? Make them the mascot of your wedding day by stamping wedding invites or thank you notes with their cute face. Puppy parents are always thinking of ways to include their “furry children” in on the fun and this is a great way to commemorate the joining of two families– even if they do have a little extra hair and slobber than the rest of your family ;)

Photo Credit: Lillmandrill

Photo Credit: Lillmandrill

And last but not least, a traditional stamp with a not so traditional twist. Send in your photo to Lillmandrill and they’ll transform you and your significant other into a stamp that can seal your invite to witness you sealing the deal!

These are fun quirky ideas that seem like a great and simple way to add a little flare to the celebrations. They’ll also last you quite a bit of time and can be used for other occasions simply by omitting ink on the date stamp.

Check out these and other fun ideas on Lillmandrill’s etsy shop.

Happy shopping!





Trend Report: Floral Chandeliers

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Photo credit: lovemydress.com

Flowers add an element of charm and softness to a wedding and can be easily tailored to fit the couple’s style! On trend now are creating hanging chandeliers from flowers or simply adding flora to existing chandeliers to brighten up a room. If your dream is to get married outside and the venue just doesn’t fit the bill, adding greenery and flowers indoor can still create the magical scenery you were hoping for.

Photo credit: A Low Country Wed

These flowers can be added to soften up an environment such as a farm house or darker venue. By pairing lighter colored flowers with chandeliers, especially if they’re ones with light fixtures installed, it can double the soft lighting in the room and create a romantic scenery. This type of arrangement would be perfect for a semi-outdoor evening wedding.

Photo credit: Style me pretty

This non-traditional style fixture is perfect for a long table setting as featured or any indoor wedding in a more modern setting because it keeps with the straight lines aspect that often goes with modern buildings while still bringing in that garden magic. Pairing off-white flowers with an all-white setting will provide you with photos and memories that will transcend generations and trends to come; a true classic wedding.


Photo credit: Evan Laettner

This is a simple yet beautiful way to bring in a Mediterranean vibe to your wedding. Don’t be scared to try something so simple with a flora not traditionally used as the focal point of many center pieces. The sleek minimalist chandelier pairs well with these magnolia leaves looking classy simple.

Take a chance with the decor at your wedding. Try something new and bring a little bit of garden magic indoors to surround you and your loved ones!

Best of luck!





Sell Your Wedding Dress: Consignment vs. Online

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Selling your dress after your wedding day can be just as stressful as finding it in the first place. You want to make sure you are getting the quality service you deserve, and a good bang for your buck! All the time, effort and money that went into finding “the one,” has to be somehow replenished when figuring out how to sell your dress.

Here are some pro’s and con’s for selling your wedding dress in a consignment shop versus online.

Consignment Shop

PRO: Money Up Front: You can walk into your local consignment shop and sell your dress right then and there. No waiting, no hassle, just trade in the dress for some easy cash.

CON: You won’t really know which store will pay more for your dress unless you visit or call multiple places and allow them to inspect your dress to see if its of quality they want to sell to their customers.

PRO: Quick timeline: As soon as you decide to sell your dress, you can just find the closest store to you as previously mentioned and walk out 10 minutes later.

CON: There’s a chance you’ll get paid less at a consignment store than you would online because the store needs to make a profit from your dress.

PRO: No need to “sell”: creating an ad and finding the right place to sell your dress online take quite a long time and effort on your part. You may not be the savviest fashionista who knows the correct terms to use when trying to sell your dress, so let someone else do it for you!


PRO: You can control where your dress is sold and to whom it’s sold.

CON: Some websites can issue you fees for selling products through their site.

PRO: You can post your dress on various sites, increasing the amount of views your dress will get.

CON: People might try to haggle down the price if its sold through a website where they can try to bargain rather than just click and buy– this might waste more time than necessary.

PRO: Depending on which site you use, this can also lead to quick cash directly deposited to your bank account!

If you have any questions about selling your dress online, check out our most recent blog post on a quick and easy guide to sell your dress.

Even though you’re selling your wedding dress, it’s still played an important part of your special day so make sure to consult this pro’s and con’s list and decide how to best find your dress a new home!

Best of luck!




How To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

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Photo Credit: Occasions Durango

While parting with your wedding dress may be difficult, the below list should make it easier by giving you some useful tips on how to properly sell your preowned wedding dress online.

1. After your big day, get the dress properly cleaned at your local dry cleaners or at a specialty store that specializes in wedding gown cleaning and preserving. By taking the extra step of preserving the wedding gown you may be able to raise the price on your dress when selling it online.

Photo Credit: Bridal Gowns Photos

2. Identify via which online venue you’d like to sell your wedding dress. Sites like eBay may charge a small fee depending on the item you’re selling. Make sure that you identify any hidden fees before singing up to sell on the website of your choice.

It’s better to find an online store that specializes in used wedding dresses or all things bridal because they’ll help you best market and price your dress. Another viable option is to go via Craigslist which will minimize and/or avoid all shipping costs while keeping all of the cash profit immediately.

3. Create your post! Most brides will include a photo of the dress on them or hanging so that potential buys can get a visual of how the dress photographs in certain lighting. Make sure to include any measurements available besides the dress size so that women off all shapes and sizes can best determine the fit.

4. Pack and ship! Make sure to insure your gown in case in gets lost or damaged in transit and pay for signature delivery confirmation so that you will know the recipient received it.

Photo Credit: Hitched Packaging





Fab Finds: Forever Flowers

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Photo Credit: Lille Syster

There are very few things that a bide and groom get to keep after the big day to display and remember their special moment forever. The dress gets stored away to be preserved for the long term and photos are wonderful visuals that the happy couple can always find and look back to. But what is something that can be kept, used during most seasons and be a small constant reminder about the lasting promise the two lucky individuals made to each other? Paper goods are becoming more and more common at weddings for the creativity, adaptability and durability.

Lilly Syster creates beautiful arrangements that can be used to decorate a table, make a photo booth more festive or even replace a bouquet!

Photo credit: Lille Syster

Lille creates little masterpieces that don’t have to resemble direct reality but rather can bring something unique about the couple’s mutual interests or the wedding theme. These musical flowers are both classy and fun and bring a timeless touch to a party.

Photo credit: Lille Syster

They can also be used to add color to a backdrop for a photobooth or plain wall and liven up the space. Lille’s pieces are very adaptable to any theme and the couple can always be sure to have their favorite colors present in their flowers regardless of the season!

Photo credit: Lille Syster

The best part about these handmade pieces is that after the music ends and the guests go home, the happy couple can keep these flowers as a permanent fixture in their home either as a table setting or a point of interest on the mantle. These beautiful paper flowers will be a constant reminder of the love shared between two people that won’t die.

Photo Credit: Lille Syster




Reversible Bridesmaid Dresses

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How smart is this idea? After the wedding, you can turn your bridesmaid gown into a little black dress! Now, you really can wear it again and again after the big day. Designer, Durga Sundaram-McCurdy, is the founder be durga-kali, home of the reversible bridesmaid dress. Not only are they lovely and make a statement, they are a practical investment too. Take a look at some of our favs!

reversible bridesmaid dressespractical bridesmaid dress
Best of all, durga-kali dresses dresses are all made in the US. Check out their website for even more styles and options.




Tips for an Affordable Wedding Cake

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Credit: Followell Photography

With cooking shows like Cake Wars, Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes sprouting all over the TV networks, cakes are beginning to get out of hand, especially in the price department. Nowadays, wedding cakes can range anywhere from $500 to $5000 and one piece of the cake (usually the top piece) gets saved in the freezer. We’ve put some tips together to help you save some time and money on your big day, without losing one of the most important pieces.

Tip #1 – Cupcakes

One of the hottest new trends is the tiered wedding cupcake! Essentially, its tons of little cupcakes tiered like a regular cake, with the ease of individual portions. This option is cheaper and pleasing for all parties.

Credit: Modern Weddings

Tip #2 – DIY

One of the best ways to save money on a cake is to do it yourself! This will not be your ordinary cake for Aunt Jo’s 75th birthday – its okay to shell out some extra money for the quality cake and ingredients for the ever famous fondant. Get together some creative and skilled gal pals and do a practice cake (make a mini version). Another great idea to save some money is order a plain cake and do the decorating on your own.

Credit: Artsy Crafty Mom

Tip #3 – Find an Apprentice

Finding your wedding cake maker can be difficult and weighing the costs can be tedious. One final option is to search around for an apprentice cake maker – you’ll be able to negotiate pricing and get a better deal for an up and coming chef as opposed to the highly esteemed and well established!

Credit: Fine Art America

Happy Planning!





Sustainable Items and Decor for Your Wedding

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Credit: Ikea

Brides and grooms can get caught up in the glitz and glamour of a wedding and forget the real meaning of a wedding.  Many items and materials for the big day will likely end up being used for the one time – leaving you with a bigger dent in your wallet and the environment with one extra thing to consumer later. With all the environmentally conscious businesses spawning throughout the country, couples have green and sustainable alternatives.

The first place to start when looking for ‘green’ wedding items? The dress of course!

Credit: Celia Grace

There are quite a few sustainable wedding designers out there for brides to turn to. One example – Celia Grace a fair trade and eco-friendly wedding dress designer. According to Celia “While most wedding dresses are made from highly polluting petroleum based polyester, Celia Grace:

  • uses natural silk woven on a no-electricity loom
  • minimizes use of chemicals by coloring fabric with safe, non-toxic dyes when needed
  • uses very little water and energy in silk making and coloring
  • uses silk local to where dresses are produced to minimize shipping

Additionally, Celia Grace dresses are fair trade. Almost half the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 per day and poverty kills hundreds of children every hour. Fair Trade is a global movement to end poverty by giving you the ability to vote with your dollars for the kind of world you want–one where people are paid a living wage, work in safe and fair conditions, and can break the cycle of poverty. Celia Grace is proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Other alternatives for couples seeking sustainable items for the big day are utensils and decorations. Couples can turn to eco-friendly silverware, dishes and napkins, in addition to sustainable natural decor.

Credit: Mary Elizabeth Bule

Companies like The WEBstaurant Store provide endless options to choose from to make your wedding day have the class you are seeking but still be a friend to the world. You could even make a project with these DIY table numbers using old wood and burlap sacks!

Credit: Wedding Bee

Or snazz up your wedding with these green table decorations.

Credit: Cross Creek Ranch

Whatever your style, green options and alternatives are available to make your day perfect!




Creative Tips for Winter Weddings

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Credit Dresses Shop de France

Finalizing the plans for your winter wedding? Be sure to consider these cute ideas to make your big day warm and cozy for the holiday season!

The Flowers! It’s always exciting to have festive bouquets and flowers for your wedding. No matter what the weather is outside, make your day special with classy white flowers with splashes of complementary red and green.


Credit: Project Wedding

Credit: Sally Rice

Stay Warm! Adding hot cocoa and coffee to your reception, you’ll be sure to put a smile to all your guests’ faces. To add a little spice, consider adding some peppermint or chai flavors. Another tip to cozy up your reception is to add a little candlelight and soft textures – maybe some velvet ribbon or delicate pillow accents.


Credit: Brides Book

Credit: Kristen Peach

Tasty Food! The menu is especially important during the winter! Be sure to choose a filling entrée with comforting soups and salads.


Credit: The littlespoonkitchen