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Fall Country Wedding Theme

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Photo from Blogland Fairytale

It’s time for some country lovin! Fall is coming, and we know you’re looking for some lovely autumn wedding ideas. While we’re thinking about apple picking and pumpkin-pie eating, we thought, “How bout a fall country wedding!” The change in the colors outdoors is absolutely gorgeous and makes a great setting for a country wedding theme. Ready to see some cute ideas? Giddy up!

1. Gussied-Up Rolled Hay

Gussy up a bail of hay with some sweet flowers. The first letter of your last name will get everyone’s attention! Then roll em up to wherever you want – on the road leading up to your event location or right at the check-in table.

Photo from Wedding Window

2. Wine Barrels

Wine barrels make great country wedding decor. Use them like tables to display flowers, set up delicious treats, or to decorate your wedding aisle.

Photo from ABM Photography

3. Good Ol’ Country Eats

Who needs steak and fish when you can do corn and lobster? Serve up your guests with good ol’ country eats that’ll truly leave em full and satisfied. You may be all dolled up but you can still get your grub on.

Photo from Aubrey B Greene Blog

4. Sweet Moonshine

Have a go at brewing up your own moonshine. Good for washing down that corn and lobster. And even better to send home your guests with as wedding favors.

Photo from One Wed

5. Cowgirl Boots

A girls gotta have her cowgirl boots! A pair of boots are definitely comfier than heels, and much funner to dance in. Hoedown!

Photo from Kimberly Carlson Blog

6. Country Classic

Though if you like a country wedding but want to keep it classic, just fancy it up. A black-and-white country wedding is one way to do it.

Photo from RS Blog

Autumn is just around the corner with falling leaves and a beautiful change in scenery. An outdoor wedding in the country is made all the more beautiful with added special details. Cowboy boots are a must, but for a true country wedding, roll out those bails of hay and  jugs of homemade moonshine. What do you think makes a unique country wedding?




Fab Finds: Work-of-Art Guestbooks

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Why have a regular, ol boring wedding guestbook when you can have something beautiful! This week we stumbled upon some lovely guestbooks from Once Upon a Paper on Etsy. Owners Elena and Genu draw their inspiration from architecture, travel, and nature. They say that the birds and trees in their designs are ” two symbols of earth and flight, of rooted and freedom, of building and occupancy.” Take a glimpse at some of their wonderful designs.

1. Mint Craft

Once Upon a Paper’s signature guestbooks are fun ways to collect your wedding guests’ autographs. Every design is made with vibrant colors, where guests can sign on individual “orbs” such as the banners seen below in the “Mint Craft.”

2. Bird Crowd

Each guestbook can be customized with your names and wedding date. You also have the option of including event location, font type, and colors. The “Bird Crowd” design is made with complementing colors – pink and blue.

3. Chalkboard

These alternative guestbooks art great works of art. They look fabulous hung up on the wall, and can be your first piece of art as a newlywed couple.

4. Tree Love Birds

The simple tree love birds comes in so many different variations. The designs definitely look more like paintings than guestbooks!

5. Thumbprint Ready

You can even design your own! With the help of your guests, they can print their thumbprint to look like leaves on the branches of the trees. How neat is that?

6. World Map

And for the big wedding with guests from all over the world, this is the guestbook for you. Get a customized world map that your guests can sign or pin their origins.

Instead of the traditional guestbook, invest in alternative work-of-art. The beautiful guestbooks from Once Upon a Paper, double as a guestbook and a piece of are, and they’re are all available for purchase from Etsy. Which design is your favorite?




Hot Air Balloon Wedding Theme

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Photo from Green Wedding Shoes

We’ve seen a lot of cool wedding themes here at BravoBride, but while we were researching for our last post on cute wedding balloon pictures, we came across hot-air balloons. Yes, you can have a hot-air balloon wedding theme! If you love flying, traveling, or anything vintage, this is the theme for you. Take it to the sky with an actual hot-air balloon or decorate with balloons. Float along for some inspiration.

1. Hot-Air Balloon

It’s always funner with the real thing! Rent your own private hot-air balloon for the day or even for just a couple of hours. A gigantic balloon is a beautiful backdrop for gorgeous wedding photos.

Photo from Groom Sold Separately

2. Table Centerpiece

Design you own mini air balloons. Just put together a helium-filled balloon, some netting, and a mini basket for sweet table centerpieces. Quite adorable and you can use any balloon color you want.

Photo from Amy Atlas

3. Floral Balloon

Or just make a balloon from flower petals! Very pretty and almost looks like a cake.

Photo from Uschi and Kay

4. Carnival Style

Take the hot-air balloon theme to next level. Make it a carnival with cute circus animals and decor like flying elephants and giraffes.

Photo from Style Me Pretty

5. Yummy Cake

Or simply invest in a stunning wedding cake that’s too-good-to-eat.

Photo from Jessi Cakes Blog

6. Cookie Favors

Of course some fun wedding favors like hot-air balloon cookies are a delight. Send your guests home with treats that will remind them of your unique wedding.

Photo from Cynthia Martyn

A hot-air-balloon wedding is a cool and unique theme for the traveling or vintage-loving couple. Take a spin in a real hot-air balloon or take some elements and add it to your wedding. You and your guests will be so excited to see mini balloon centerpieces and hot-air balloon treats.  How would you design a hot-air balloon wedding?




Fab Finds: Statement Cake Toppers

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Make a statement at your wedding, and do it on your wedding cake! We found some fabulous statement cake toppers from BetterOffWed on Etsy. These are standout cake toppers that will happily be handed down from generation to generation. There’s adorable sayings like “Better Together” and “We Do,” but there’s also other fun trendy statements as well. Go ahead and take a look!

1. Better Together

All of the BetterOffWed cake toppers are made from a laser-cut wood and fabric. They make wonderful cake decorations but are also great family heirlooms, wall adornments, and even a holiday tree ornament! How bout hanging this,”Better Together” on your first holiday tree?

2. For Like Ever

Uh, hello? A marriage is “For Like Ever” so say it like you mean it!

3. We Do

Do something interactive with your guests. Have them sign your guestbook then write on a designated on what they, “We Do.” For example, “We do want cake” or “We do like to dance!”


4. Love Birds

Even a simple little cake is fancier with a sign like, “Love Birds.” Simple, but sweet.


5. Best Day Ever

Oh, here’s a no brainer. Top off your cake with “Best Day Ever.”


6. Birch Mint Love Birds

Or you can make your own custom banner wedding cake topper. Come up with your own witty statement or just use your names.


Finish your wedding cake with a statement cake topper. Say it like you mean it – today is your big day and you’re extremely excited to be married! Whether you want to keep it simple with a trendy “Love Birds” or make it snappy with a “Best Day Ever,” these toppers are sure to delight. What do you want your cake to say?





Cute Wedding Balloon Pictures

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Photo from One Wed

Up, up, and away! Balloons aren’t just for birthdays! They’re a favorite wedding decor which brightens up a room and brings smiles to faces. But they also make awesome photo props adding visual interest, especially with so many vibrant colors and fun shapes to choose from. Wedding photos are way more fun when you’re holding helium-filled props. Take your pick, because we’ve gathered some cute balloons!


1. Solid Color Balloons

A set of solid color balloons all in one color is quite beautiful. Below is a bundle of elegant white balloons which match the sea and sky setting.

Photo from One Wed

2. Rainbow Sets

A cluster of coordinating colors is so colorful! Choose colors that complement your wedding theme or go for a rainbow.

Photo from W Scott Chester Blog

3. Jumbo Balloons

There’s small balloons and then there’s big balloons. Jumbo balloons are totally eye catching and make perfectly round circles which reminds us of lollipops!

Photo from Burnett's Board

4. Tassel Decor

Roll up your sleeves and get to DIYing! Decorate your decor with tassels made from ribbons – just like a long tail.


Photo from Brighton the Day

5. Lovely Hearts

Your wedding is the big day of love, after all. Lovely heart balloons are so acceptable, and so adorable in pictures.

Photo from Flickr - Grote Ballonnen

6. Shiny Mylar

Shiny Mylar balloons are making a big comeback! Get a pair in your initials or get four balloons that spell out, “LOVE.” We love, love.

Photo from Grey Likes Weddings

Balloons make great inexpensive wedding decor, and they also make for fun photo props. We love all the cheery colors and shapes they come in. Blow up a bundle of balloons all in one color or a rainbow of colors. Then fill up a few fun shapes like jumbo size and hearts. What style of balloons do you like?




Fab Finds: Make-Up Bags & Bridesmaids Gifts

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The ladies have all got their bridesmaids dresses and the wedding day’s just around the corner. We’re always looking for small ways to show our appreciation with cute little thank you gifts, and we found the perfect bridesmaids gifts. Give your girls some cheeky-print make-up bags from Simbiosis on Etsy. They’ve got some adorable medium-sized zip bags which are great for stashing make-up, a mobile phone, a small camera, or even a pair of snazzy shades. Simbiosis has a wide selection of fun prints to choose from. Take a look at a few of them below:

1. Elephant March

These zipper bags also double as purse organizers. Instead of fishing around the bottom of your purse, easily find those little things like pens, keys, and coins, all in one place. A sweet elephant print on green fabric is sure to stand out in your bag.

2. Feathers

All bags are lined with a coordinating cotton fabric to keep  your goods safe. Here’s a lovely abstract feather print in multi colors and a contrast turquoise zipper.

3. Let’s Type

Here’s a funky typewriter print for the friends who love writing or vintage goods. Such adorable prints, these bags also make great clutches.

4. Glasses

Cool glasses print – for the friend who always asks, “Where’d I put my glasses?” Great for storing eyeglasses or sunglasses, so you’ll always know where they are.

5. Atomic

The Atomic print comes in a classic black and white color – for the girl who wants everything to match. Versatile color and print that goes with everything.

6. Chevron

Every girl loves a good chevron print! This style comes in many colors including turquoise, green, yellow, black, pink, orange, red, navy, grey, and lavender.

Check out the rest of Simibiosis‘ bags online at Etsy. There’s more prints, colors and sizes to choose from. What would you gift your bridesmaids?




Things to Throw at Weddings

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Photo from I Love SW Mag

Instead of throwing rice after the wedding ceremony, try a unique idea. There are a lot of great and fun alternatives to try that will save those little birds from bloating. They say it’s a myth that birds explode  after eating leftover rice, but why take a chance? Besides, you wanna do something a little creative at your wedding! We’ve round up some cute ideas, so have a look.

1. Candy Sprinkles

Candy sprinkles are so fun and colorful! A little leftovers can be sprinkled on treats at the dessert bar.

Photo from Pinterest - Madison Voelkner

2. Soft Feathers

Go for soft, fluffy feathers for a romantic look, or big full feathers for the rustic, outdoorsy wedding.

Photo from Tumblr - Laced in Weddings

3. Flower Petals

Flower petals are a big favorite and totally biodegradable. Instead of matching colors, we like the idea of throwing petals in colors which complement your bouquet.

Photo from Every Last Details Blog

4. Paper Airplanes

Bring out the kid in everyone! Have everyone fold up their own paper planes or pre-fold them. What fun!

Photo from Style Me Pretty

5. Helium Balloons

Make sure everyone sees that you’re getting married and release helium-filled balloons.

Photo from Tumblr - Always in White

6. Ribbon Wands

A magical wedding includes twirling ribbon wands like these pictured below.

Photo from Orangerie Events

7. Fun Bubbles

Or just pass out bubble wands and the suds for some bubble-popping action!

Photo from Trendy Bride

Try something different at your wedding. Guests can throw sprinkles, feathers or paper planes instead of traditional rice. Or release balloons or wave some ribbon wands. These unique rice alternatives will make for a fun and creative wedding. What are some creative things you’ve seen thrown at weddings?




Fab Finds: Shoes Clips

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Thinking of ways to make your wedding unique? Personalize your look with a little something special. You can wear flowers in your hair, tie a lovely wedding sash around your waist, or add some shoe clips to your shoes. Our Fab Finds of the week are all about shoe clips! Instead of taking the time to dye your shoes, fancy them up with a sweet clip. We found this cute little Etsy Shop called ShoeClips.Biz which sells “Fabulous Clip-on Flair for Footwear.” There’s a variety of fun pieces to decorate your shoes (or anything you wanna decorate)! Here are a few of our favorites:


1. Vintage

All of ShoeClips.Biz’s clips will definitely add some flair to your shoes. These beautiful vintage rhinestone clips are quite romantic and are wonderful for a “Old Hollywood Glam” wedding. A very popular pair for brides!

2. Diva

The Diva rhinestone clips will put some major bling in your step. The light-catching acrylic stones come in silvertone or multi-color (as pictured above).

3. Majesty

For the queen to be, the Majesty clips are a fun gift for the “bridezillas.” Nothing says royalty like a little crown!

4. Pearls

For a traditional or classic look, go for these elegant faux pearls. It’s set in a pretty silver filigree which will go with all shoes colors.

5. Moonlight Lucite

Still classic yet fashion-forward, are a pair of these moonlight lucite molded clips. The iridescent sheen amp up any plain pair of bridal shoes.

6. Athena

The Athena features a clear gem surrounded by a marvelous vintage brass metal leaves. A wonderful pair for flowy Greek-inspired wedding dress.

Clip on some shoe clips to jazz up your wedding shoes (or even your bouquet). They come in so many styles, there’s one to match your wedding dress and shoes. You can buy any of these clips on Etsy at ShoeClips.Biz. What are some other ways you would use shoe clips?




Nautical Wedding

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Photo from Christi Park Photography

Ahh..that summer breeze makes for the perfect time to pull out the boat and go for a sail. Why not incorporate the nautical trend into your wedding theme? The beach wedding theme may be overdone, but here’s a new twist to the old favorite. We say, “Make it happen, Cap’n!” Oars, anchors, and stripes are a few ways to make your nautical wedding.


1. Invitation in a Bottle

Like a message in a bottle, deliver your cute wedding invitations in glass bottles. Aged paper and anchor prints add to the authenticity.

Photo from Storybook Hearts

2. Navy & White

Wedding colors are simple: navy and white. Jazz things up with a pop of color like red, yellow, or pink. Of course, stripes truly make the colors more nautical.

Photo from Randi Galant Photography

3. Drinks on the Boat

Here’s a neat idea! Serve drinks on a little row boat – beautiful decor that’s sure to be the center of conversations.

Photo from Wedd Book

4. Cool Blue Table Setting

Silverware needs some lovin, too! Keep the table setting simple and go for the finer details like these fun oar-decorated silverware. (We like the cool shades as wedding favors, too!)

Photo from Jasmine Star Blog

5. Serve Em Up

Lobster and crab can be a bit messy, so serve up fresh-cooked mussels and clams, instead. Yum!

Photo from Inspired By This

6. Sea Treats

Spread out the dessert on beautiful blue glass cake trays like these.

Photo from Chancey Charm Blog

The nautical trend is a fun wedding theme to blend your love of the sea and beach. Keeping to this theme is a breeze as long as you go navy and white. Then toss in some stripes, anchors and oars to finish off your decor. How would you do a nautical themed wedding?




Fab Finds: Crystal Statement Earrings

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Every Bravo Bride deserves to be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day! Besides the perfect dress and hair and makeup, make sure you have the right wedding jewelry. A pair of gorgeous, sparkling earrings will make you look more bright and happy. And a pair of simple, yet pretty crystal statement earrings will do just that! Check out our fab finds which come from Etsy shop, The Northway Studio.

1. The Marrakesh Earrings

Inspired by the decadence of ages past, the radiant Marrakesh earrings are sure to astound. A pair of lush Smoky Quartz alhambras are draped under layers of 14k Gold fill and hand oxidized Sterling Silver, shimmering at nearly three inches in length.

2. The Clair de Lune Earrings

Flawlessly elegant in a lush array of antiqued roses and glowing pinks, the Clair de Lune earrings are simply stunning. Rare beige chalcedony in an elongated cut is suspended beneath layers of rich 14k gold fill, decadent lilac freshwater pearls, and petite czech glass beads in a lovely shade of aged blush.

3. The Helena Earrings

Lush and vividly bright, the Helena earrings features a duo of glowing red Quartz droplets cocooned in intricate layers of 14k gold fill wire. Perfect for just about any season or occasion, these earrings are sure to stun.

4. The Rebecca Earrings

Stunning genuine Swarovski crystals in a mesmerizing shade of burnt umber are gently tucked into antiqued brass settings and draped from gorgeously textured brass links.

5. The Peach Sorbet Earrings

Luscious hues of vanilla bean, summer skies and delicious peach swirl together for these stunning heirloom gems. Each genuine Swarovski crystal is hand tucked into antiqued brass settings and laced together with delicate care.

6. The Isla Earrings

Shimmering rose cut aquamarine briolettes are carefully tucked underneath hand-hammered 14k gold fill droplets and swinging oxidized brass chain for a pair of modern, yet incredibly feminine, earrings.

Find all of these earrings on Etsy from The Northway Studio. Which of these earrings go with your wedding dress?

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