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Shoebilee Shoe & Wedding Accessory Extravaganza

Friday, June 26th, 2009

If you’re a bride in Seattle or Western Washington the Shoebilee Shoe & Wedding Accessory Extravaganza is an event you don’t want to miss! It’s coming up this weekend and the details are below. Happy Shopping!

When: Sat. 6/27 10-6 & Sun. 6/28 12-5

Where: 235 Strander Blvd., Suite 100 • Tukwila, WA 98188

What: Fabulous clearance sale on hundreds of bridal / wedding party / flower girl shoes, as well as many other bridal accessories and stationery items.  In addition, all regular priced shoes, tiaras and jewelry will be 20% off during sale, and boxed printable invitations will be 50% off.

Who: All About Weddings, award winning wedding invitation and accessories boutique, along with guests including Craig Larsen Photography, Doubletree Suites Hotel (with their famous chocolate chip cookies), Hardcastle Entertainment & Lighting, and Fantasia Floral.


13 Interesting Wedding Statistics For 2009

Thursday, June 11th, 2009


I stumbled across these wedding statistics and thought they were pretty interesting. Enjoy!

  • 2,190,363 couples were wed in the U.S. in 2008.
  • The world’s longest-married living couple, Zelmyra & Herbert Fisher of  North Carolina, were, at press time, preparing to celebrate their 85th anniversary.
  • $707,051,028 worth of wedding cake and fondant frosting (more than 16 tons) was consumed last year in the U.S.
  • The average American wedding costs $28,704.
  • In frugal Mississippi the average drops to $18,562.
  • In spendthrift New Jersey that jumps to $36,113.
  • David’s Bridal claims roughly 30% of the wedding-gown market, with dresses that start at $99.
  • Steel tycon Lakshmi Mittal spent an estimated $60 million on a five-day French wedding for his daughter, Vanisha, which included a 1,000 person engagement party at Versailles.
  • The discount chain Filene’s Basement has held its Running of the Brides event at dozens of stores each year since 1947.
  • At one store, shoppers cleared the racks of 3,000 marked-down dresses in a record 37 seconds.
  • In 1960, an American bride was typically 20 years old and a groom was 23. Today, they’re 27 and 29, respectively.
  • Six countries currently allow same-sex marriage: Belgium, Canada, Holland, Norway, South Africa, and Spain.
  • December is the most popular month to pop the question, accounting for one in five engagements.

Thanks for the guys over at FastCompany for sharing this data.

What to do with your wedding items after the big day

Saturday, June 6th, 2009
Photo by Laura Totten

Photo by Laura Totten

If you just got married you might be staring at a closet full of candles, vases and other wedding items that you’ll never use again. Instead of shutting the door and dealing with it later, consider selling your items to another bride. Not only will you be helping her save some money but you can recoup some of your wedding costs, too.

Online after-wedding marketplaces are becoming very popular. With the average cost of a wedding now more than $27,000, a growing number of smart brides are looking to save money but still have the wedding they’ve always wanted. We’ve come up with some helpful tips to help you buy and sell wedding items.

If you are selling, here are some helpful pricing guidelines:

  • A discontinued style of dress should be priced lower than designer items still in stores.
  • For new items, 25% off the retail price is a good idea.
  • The older the item, the greater the discount. For a dress that’s five years old or older, for example, 60% off the original retail price would be appropriate.
  • For worn items, we recommend a 50% deduction from the retail price.

When you find a buyer for your wedding items remember these important tips:

  • Don’t accept wire transfers, money orders or cashier’s checks. Use only online payment services such as PayPal, or We highly recommend for items valued over $100 or more, they are the only online company that can protect the buyer and seller.
  • If a buyer sends an email saying they have sent payment and/or if you receive a receipt from PayPal, or, check your account to make sure funds were deposited in your account before sending the item.
  • Don’t accept payment in excess of your purchase price—this is a huge red flag.
  • Always ship an item with insurance and a tracking number.
  • Sell locally when possible.

Be on the alert for signs of a scammer:

  • The buyer is eager to buy immediately without asking any questions about the item.
  • Poor spelling and grammar.
  • Often have overseas addresses.
  • The buyer wants to pay via wire transfer, money order or cashier’s check, and use a third party shipper.
  • The buyer is purchasing an item for his family member or friend.

If you are a buyer we’ve got some helpful ideas for you too

When buying an item:

  • Compare your seller’s price with the retail price of the item, if possible, so you’ll know that you’re paying a fair amount.
  • Don’t be shy about asking your seller detailed questions about the item you’re interested in, such as:
    – When did the seller acquire the item, and did they buy it new or used?
    – Is there proof that the item is authentic?
    – Are there any problems or imperfections with the item?
    – If the item is a dress, has it been altered in any way?
    – If the item image is a stock photo, ask the seller to take photos of the actual item.

You should also know the following about the seller:

  • Name
  • Street address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

When it comes to making payment, use an online payment service like PayPal or Don’t wire cash, send a money order or a cashier’s check.

With these tips you should be well on your way to navigating the after-wedding market. Remember, not only are you saving money when you buy or sell pre-owned wedding items but you’re also making the Earth-friendly choice to reuse and pass along. And that’s just a little something extra to be happy about when you walk down the aisle.

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

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It’s just a stinking’ dress, right?

Monday, April 27th, 2009
It's not just a dress

It's not just a dress

Here’s one for you brides to pass on to your hubby-to-be.

Grooms, you may have noticed your bride-to-be bordering on obsession over finding that perfect wedding dress.  Did she start looking before you were even engaged? Crazy, right?


Maybe not.

As a guy, you’re not programmed to understand the bridal gown phenomenon. I mean, it’s not like you’re spending six months trying to find that perfect tuxedo (well maybe you are, but that’s for a different blog).

That being said, one thing you are programmed to do is be involved and understand why certain wedding planning activities matter so much. Never is this more important than during the bridal gown selection process. It’s cliché to say, but your bride has been planning her wedding day since she was a girl.

Here are some important timelines to get used to, guys. This should help you get the idea of the amount of time that goes into the dress alone.

9-12 months – Length of time before wedding day that the bride should start looking for a dress

6 months – Length of time before wedding day that the dress should be ordered

2-3 months – Amount of time that should be counted on for alterations

2-3 weeks – Average amount of time in the bridesmaid dress selection process

3-4 – Number of arguments you just avoided by becoming familiar with the wedding dress shopping process. is an online resource for grooms and is the internet leader in grooms’ wedding information. The centerpiece of the website is a specialized wedding registry featuring wedding gifts tailored toward grooms. Included in the thousands of products you’ll find at The Man Registry are barware, electronics, tools, logoed sports items, and groomsmen gifts. The company also recently launched a local vendor directory which gives grooms an outlet to connect with local wedding vendors

What to do with all that wedding cash…

Monday, April 20th, 2009

bridegroommoney1Cold hard cash is still one of the most popular gifts to give for weddings. And what’s not to like. Cash gives the couple many options and provides a sense of comfort for newlyweds just starting out.

Now assuming you aren’t getting married in Las Vegas, you’ll have a big pile of cash the day after the wedding and you’ll be faced with a question: “What should we do with it?” There are two obvious options: bank it or spend it.

Option 1: Bank It

If you’re conservative, this presents a great opportunity to start a joint savings account or another type of investment. The money could go towards start retirement fund, buying stock, or saving for a down payment on a house. There’s really no going wrong when you’re saving for the future.

Option 2: Spend it

An equal number of other couples will put their wedding cash towards the honeymoon. This is not a bad idea as it allows you to save the cash you would otherwise be spending on dinners, drinks, excursions on your honeymoon. The cash you rake in can also go towards buying gifts that were not purchased off of your wedding registry. Recommendation:  We think the safest bet is doing a little of both. Let’s say you get $2,000 in cash gifts. Why not put half of it in the bank (or other investment) and use the other half as “mad money” for the honeymoon. This gives you the comfort of knowing you’re saving, but also allows you to kick back and enjoy a few extra mojitos on the honeymoon.

Cheers. is an online resource for grooms and is the internet leader in wedding advice for men. The centerpiece of the website is a specialized wedding registry featuring wedding gifts tailored toward grooms. Included in the thousands of products you’ll find at The Man Registry are barware, electronics, tools, logoed sports items, and groomsmen gifts. The company also recently launched their official blog,, which gives grooms an outlet to read, share, and laugh at unique wedding experiences.

Guest blog: Writing your own wedding vows

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

To Have, and to hold, and… {fill in the blank.}

By Personalized Wedding Poet Chloe’ Yelena Miller
www.WordArrangement.WordPress.Com /

brideYou’ve spent time planning the menu, flower arrangements, music, etc. Of course, the real reason for all of these details is that they help you and your guests celebrate your union with the person you love. Writing your own vows is the perfect way to personalize the ceremony and share your promises publicly.

There are many ways to approach your vows. Some religions and traditions offer you more flexibility than others; it is important that you create the tradition for yourselves, as new or familiar as that may be. You can write your vows together or share them for the first time during the ceremony.

Most vows incorporate the idea of standing by each other no matter what challenges you face (financial, medical or otherwise) and that your love will endure. For some examples of traditional and untraditional vows, here is a helpful website.

Your vows are pledges to your partner and your guests. If you decide to craft them privately, your conversations will probably be longer than the actual vows. You don’t have to include everything in your vows, but it can be beautiful to share your full thoughts with your partner.

The first step is to talk to your partner and decide if you are going to write them together or separately.
Here is a short list of some of the ideas to consider and expand on when writing your vows:
What is your favorite part of your relationship?
How did you meet?
How does your love inspire your life?
What does your partner offer you and what do you hope to offer the other person?
What is your definition of marriage?

The next step is to consider what aspects of your love, hopes, dreams, and maybe even fears, that you’d like to include.
Consider the following:
What is most important to you?
How does love nourish your life?
Where would you be without this love?

Poet Alli Shaloum-Brydon wrote her own vows and shared them in a guest blog post: the Adventures of Planning an Interfaith and Intercultural Wedding. I particularly love the last line, “Let us strive for excitement, adventure, and passion in everything we do.” That is exactly what we all hope for in life and in a partner.

Another idea is to speak with your celebrant. Most celebrants, like NJ based Celia Milton, help couples to build their own vows. I asked Celia to share some advice. She wrote, “I honestly think couples make this too hard, too terrifying by thinking their vows have to be great snippets of literature. That’s really not it at all; their vows are their promises to each other; the promises that they have made in their hearts long before their wedding day.”

Be reminded that your vows don’t only take place on one day. They are promises that carry into the future. We are reminded of that by Philadelphia area Wedding Priestess Ann Keeler Evans . She writes in her blog, “What if you crafted your vows as the working document that will carry your relationship into the future?”

If you are looking for additional help, you are welcome to contact Chloe‘, she writes personalized wedding poems which can be tailored to be read as vows.

10% off from Jenny GG Photography!

Monday, April 13th, 2009

27187Jenny loves taking photographs that capture the natural joy and excitement of your life and its celebrations. She finds inspiration in both small and big moments; the sweet smile of your little ones, a glance between two people in love and the magic of your life’s biggest events.

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Wednesday’s Featured Guest Blogger – FavorIdeas!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Since 2004, FavorIdeas has been helping brides hone their vision around a theme, and support that theme with personalized favors and accessories. Drop by for friendly, supportive advice on the boards. For a more irreverent look at wedding trends, check out the blog at WedSmack.

Savvy Wedding Flower Savings for the Cost-Conscious Bride

Photo source:

Photo source:

Wedding flowers are costly (duh!). Many brides are shocked when they first learn the bouquet, the moms and the entourage will cost $800 and up. Want reception decor, too? Brace for 2-3K at least.

Given this, it’s not surprising to hear some brides say, “I don’t want to spend that much on something that dies in a few days.” But for others, that ephemeral thrill is precisely the point. After all, the steak tartare disappears even faster, but your guests will still savor it.

If you’re in group two, ditching the flowers would be a major, grumptastic concession. So how to keep these pretty little things from draining the budget dry? Read on!

1) Skip ‘Em (and Say Hello to Succulents, Fruit, River Stones). Heck, if you don’t care that much about flowers you’ve probably already researched the *many* non-floral centerpiece/bouquet options out there. Bridesmaids are carrying silk fans, lanterns, you name it, and tables are looking great with non-floral centerpieces that give off a modern vibe. Just hit Google Images or flickr for the type you like (“fruit centerpieces”) and you’ll be rewarded with a wealth of budget-friendly ideas.

2) Fear of Flowers (Beat It). Farmers markets are cost-slashing dynamos. Or, BJ’s Wholesale will sell you 125 roses for about $150, and that includes shipping. There’s a lot you can do with 125 roses, seeing as they’re hardy blooms (as are tulips and orchids). Keep them cool and shaded until the reception. Then, in addition to centerpieces, you can tuck them into chair sashes, tied-up swags, the list goes on.

The only drawback? That knee-knocking fear! We’ve all been taught that floral work is like nuclear engineering: one wrong move and it blows sky high.

Not so — you just need confidence. I know almost nothing about flowers … the craziest I’ve gotten is those $1 blocks of wet foam from the dollar store. Yet, when I arrange them for parties, people *always* ask about the florist. Crack a book one evening and you can expand your horizons tenfold. Also, more and more craft stores are teaching brides to whip out bouquets in half-day workshops. Just do a trial to boost your confidence: gussy up one of your parties. Then, have a team of helpers who’ll truly show up and pitch in the day before.

3) Go to Pot. Obviously if you’re set on towering Phalaenopsis orchids, you’ll pay more than hitting up a nursery for seasonal offerings, like Easter lilies in spring or mums in the fall. Either way, potted is growing more popular each day — after all, it’s not only budget- but eco-friendly too. Potted or cut, you may be able to deduct your flowers after the fact if you donate them to a local park or hospital. Check with your CPA before diving in, though. Hint: Donated gowns can also be write-offs, as can a portion of some religious and non-profit venue fees.

4) Go Faux. Personally, not a fan … not to offend anyone, but you can spot silks a mile away, just like the restylane in Meg Ryan’s lips. In photos, fakes are even more obvious. Still, if you’re at peace with the faux look, go for it — maybe even get something fantastical, like bright blue roses. Exception: silk blooms can look fabulous wired to bare-branch centerpieces. Also, silk orchids submerged in clear glass cylinders can be lovely under floating candles. Use distilled water to go bubble-free, and tack a small weight to the orchids.

5) Embrace the Age. Do you love Target, too? Then you probably agree that modern design rocks precisely because it doesn’t try to resuscitate the past. In this spirit, paper flowers are on fire this year. Google it and you’ll see all kinds of amazing centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnières made with origami orchids and lilies. Or, look into tissue paper poms. Bunched together, these ruffly beauties have all the appeal of hydrangeas or peonies plucked from the garden. YouTube is bursting with paper flower tutorials, so get crafty — or hit Etsy and tap the crafty for much less than florist-sourced blooms!

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Friday, April 3rd, 2009

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