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Mason Jar Centerpieces – 9 Ideas

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

We are such huge fans of Mason jars in weddings. Always versatile, the can add a fun vintage feel to your special day. Tinted, painted, hanging, or grouped, no matter how you choose to incorporate them in your décor they add a home-spun charm to any presentation. Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to make Mason jars work for you and your fabulous wedding.

mason jar centerpieces
Not only do we love the variety of these simple bouquets, but the tinted Mason jars add an extra burst of color! Willow Faire Decor offers them in a wide range of colors and finishes.

vintage wedding centerpiece
This mason jar centerpiece is absolutely charming! Polished yet rustic, this display is a perfect example of how to combine twine and lace in one centerpiece.

mason jar centerpiece ideas
We love the ethereal effect of this centerpiece! Combining glass stones, raffia, and tea lights, they would be the perfect glowing touch to an outdoor reception.

Blue mason jar
Here’s another beautiful way to add light to Mason jars. This rustic firefly lantern by Brianna Paige Designs would be an excellent addition to an outdoor wedding, garden party or your next romantic evening.

mason jar centerpieces
Ideal for a summer wedding, the lemon slices in these mason jars are an extra burst of color! Not to mention we love yellow as a fun accent color in wedding day décor. Photo by Brittany Janelle Photography.

These mason jar bouquets are perfect to line your aisle with and then you can reuse them as centerpieces for your reception.  The soft creams and green colors would make a stunning arrangement!

mason jar candles
For an evening reception, this table runner of glowing mason jars sets a magical mood!

mason jar wedding bouquet
Another great idea is to tie a few Mason jars together to create one larger centerpiece. The flowers all combine to make one bug full bouquet!

painted mason jars
Lastly, a great alternative to tinted mason jars are painted ones. With such a fun and clean presentation, they can even accent the colors of the flowers they hold, like with these summery daisies!

The Gabi Chronicles- 5 Ideas for Table Décor

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Like any bride, I have hundreds (if not, thousands) of ideas that I want to incorporate into our wedding. Of course, not all of them are possible. Today I want to share just 5 ideas that have crossed my mind for table décor for our outdoor reception. Who knows, perhaps one of these ideas will be the answer for someone’s decorating dilemma. Enjoy!

unique wedding centerpieces
1. License Plate Names

One day, while driving in a part of town I’m not usually in, I, noticed a vintage antique store that seemed to have an interesting personality to it. I immediately pulled over to check it out, as you never know what you could find in shops like these (random stops like this are a must do for brides-to-be). The stop was well worth it. The shop was filled with amazing signs,toys, books, you name it and they probably had it. One of the last things I looked at was a cubby full of license plates that were all cut up and sorted alphabetically. I thought this was such a cute and easy idea to spruce up a table I had to buy some. I just bought the letters to spell out “Jack” and “Gabi”. I am thinking about going back and buying letters that spell out other words like “Love-Laugh,-Love” or perhaps using the numbers for table numbers. The possibilities are endless if you are creative!

china plate cake plattersPhoto from Objects and Subjects

2. DIY Dessert Tiers

This idea was actually inspired by my sister. She is a business owner and needed stands to hold her jewelry. My immediate thought when I saw them was, “Those would make amazing dessert trays!” To create them, she went to a local thrift store and found an assortment of saucers, plates and candlestick holders, and epoxied them together. They are so unique (as they are one-of-a-kind) and would be the perfect decoration for anyone going for a vintage look at their wedding.

Photo from The Blushing Bride

3. Utilizing Bottles
Another idea that we are actually trying to make into a reality is utilizing bottles that come into our possession. From wine bottles to glass soda bottles, we think an assortment of bottles with some sort of filler (paper flowers, real flowers or long stemmed suckers are all possibilities) would be great centerpieces.

tissue paper wedding decorationsPhoto from The House of Smiths

4. Tissue Paper Flower Balls

After the holidays, I acquired a ton of used tissue paper and I knew there were ways I could reuse it in a creative way. I started looking up tissue paper crafts on Pinterest and low and behold there were ample ideas available. I actually made one of these flower balls the other night and it turned out pretty darn good for my first one ever. The only down side to these is that it’s very time consuming. The answer to this would be to gather your girls and have a night of arts and crafts! My friends and I actually had a Pinterest party a few weeks ago where we got together with ideas that we found on the site, and brought them to life together. It was lots of fun, especially since we don’t see each other that often.

wheat grass wedding centerpiecesPhoto from The Wheat Grass Grower

Wheat Grass
After experiencing a time-consuming DIY project, I considered growing wheat grass to put on tables. It’s easy to grow, affordable and pretty versatile with how you can use it. The picture above is from The Wheat Grass grower, you can actually buy this DIY centerpiece on their site for only $25.

As always, I am eager to hear suggestions and advice. Leave a comment below; you never know if it could end up in one of my future posts! Also, I mentioned Pinterest throughout this post and if you aren’t already, be sure and follow BravoBride on Pinterest as they are always posting great wedding ideas and products on their boards. I’m on there too so if you want to see what I’m pinning, feel free to follow. Have a great rest of the week all!

Fabulous Find – Designs by Ahn

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

As the seasons change from fall to winter, vibrant flower arrangements will still bring warmth to any reception hall even though summer has slipped away. This week’s Fab Find features Designs by Ahn by Victoria Ahn. Victoria describes her arrangements as “living art” as they are carefully crafted with accents of Asian and European influence with extreme attention to color, texture and sculptural elements. Whether your wedding is in summer, spring, winter or fall, these modern flower arrangements are perfect no matter what the temperature.

modern wedding ideas
With a variety of color options, you will be able to find the arrangement you love while matching your wedding theme without a problem.

Whatever way you look at it, all of the arrangements by Designs by Ahn are absolutely stunning and unique and sure to leave an impression with your guests.

With a wide selection to pick from, your personal style will show through. From small and classic to large and elaborate, you will find the perfect arrangement that matches your wedding style.

Contrasting colors mixed with Victoria’s unique presentation brings us these exquisite centerpieces.


wedding orchid centerpiece

Last, but certainly not least, this beautiful orchid arrangement. Victoria brings a striking and unique presentation to the equally striking and unique orchid

These are only a few examples of what you can find on Designs by Anh website. If you are looking for a more traditional arrangement they do those too. Until next week’s fab find!

Fabulous Find – Chive Vases

Monday, July 25th, 2011

If you like unique wedding centerpieces, our fab find this week can definitely help make that possible. Since 2004 Chive has consistently delivered fresh, innovative and simplistic designs to showcase the individual beauty of the flower. Their vases are not only different and beautiful but affordable which we love at BravoBride.

This is Chive’s 24 Hole Flute Vase. It also comes in 4 and 8 hole versions as well.

Imagine how gorgeous this large arch vase would be at a wedding reception. Best of all, it’s only $16.

This Horn vase would look amazing with any color flower.

The Trifold Vase would be a perfect for a wedding with a modern theme.

The Flute Vase is simple yet beautiful and it would be ideal for DIY brides who want to create their own centerpieces.

Chive also has vases that would fit with a vintage wedding theme. This Chantale Grande vase is just $12.

The Lucie vase is so pretty and looks gorgeous with white flowers.

The Simone vase could be used alone as a centerpiece or paired with the Lucie or Chantale vase.

Fabulous Find – Morgann Hill Designs

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

This week’s Fabulous Find is created by Morgann Hill Designs. Morgann Hill brings us these fantastic hand-carved wooden treasures that are engraved with everything from initials to I love you. Having had my named carved into a bench once, these beautiful creations will remind you forever of your wedding day. Rustic yet romantic, wow your guests with these charming decorations and gifts.

unique wedding centerpiece ideasThese birch bark wood vases (left image) engraved with an initial, saying or name are a wonderful conversation started as the centerpieces at your reception. Or are you proud of your home state? These cake toppers (or cupcake toppers) are perfect for the couple who are home-grown and proud of it.

Unique Table number ideasLet guests know where to sit by using these mason jars as table numbers. Put a candle inside of them to light the way!

love bird cake toppersCake toppers, centerpieces, guest gifts, whatever you want these little decorations to be, you can make it happen because they are cute, cute, cute!

unique wedding candlesAnother unique wedding centerpiece option, these simple, yet romantic bases seem to be a crowd favorite.  These little candle holders (right image) could make a big impression if given as mementos to guests.

Here comes the bride signBy using this wedding sign, the flower girl can walk down the aisle and let everyone, including the groom, “here comes the bride”.

bride groom wedding signsEven the smallest details can make the simplest item in the room stand out. Make your chair stand out with these wooden heart name tags that hang from the back of the chair. These would be perfect for a rustic wedding!

Easy DIY Wedding Decorations

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

I love seeing all the beautiful DIY wedding decorations listed for sale on BravoBride. Not only can it be cost effective to create your own decor but it also adds a personal touch to the big day. Below are just a few examples of wedding decorations and centerpieces created by brides. Click on the image to view more photos or to contact the seller.

I love this simple and elegant aisle decoration. It would be much less expensive than flowers and it looks beautiful.

These centerpieces look gorgeous and would be so easy to create. Each centerpiece consists of a 12" round mirror, 3 vases (6", 8", and 11" high...all with 3" circumference) and floating candles.

This is a very similar idea but the bride used only one tall vase, four smaller votive candles and a square mirror.

The bride spray painted her silver vases a matt gold color. What an easy, creative and inexpensive to make them match with the rest of her decor.

Here's a super simple and pretty table centerpiece. Just fill these bowls with water, add a few flowers and floating candles and sprinkle some colored glass stones around.

This is a unique cake stand that the bride created by placing her cake on top of 9 heavy glass vases.

Speaking of cake this bride used glass stands with small cakes on each of her reception tables. I love how she made her dessert double as the centerpieces.

BravoBride Guide – DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Flowers are very beautiful but they also cost a pretty penny when you are decorating an entire wedding reception. Many brides decide to break out their creative side in order to save some cash. Here is an example of one bride’s way of saving money and still having vibrant centerpieces at her fall wedding.

If you don't want to only use silk flowers, you can mix in real ones too.

To begin, choose an assortment of different flowers, greens and fillers that fit the theme and color scheme of your wedding. This bunch of artificial floral and fauna came from Michael’s Craft and cost approximately $42. Best of all, you can resell these do it yourself wedding centerpieces after the wedding.

For this bride’s wedding, she has a garden oriented theme and the main color she chose was navy. She picked a variety of cool colored flowers that are less traditional and has decided to use peacock feathers to compliment them.

To add a slash of vintage flare she is using mason jars instead of vases. This blue glass jar came from an antique store and cost only $4. You can also find used mason jars on BravoBride.

Other supplies that will be needed are scissors and wire cutters.

Begin by cutting down the stems to the approximate desired height. Hold the stem next to the vessel you will be placing them in. the initial cut to the stems should have all blossoms standing a minimum of 4 inches above the top of the vase/jar/etc.

At this point you need to decide whether or not you want the arrangement be round or to have a distinct front and back. Add stems with large blooms first. Adjust position and height to desired location. Shorten stems as needed.

Once large blossoms are in place, add smaller floral fillers.

Lastly, add green fillers and any other elements you desire such as peacock feathers, sticks and artificial ferns.

We would like to give a huge thanks to bride-to-be Samantha Prudhon for sharing her ideas and designs with us and wish her the best wish her the best in all her wedding preparations.

Add Some Vintage Charm to Your Wedding

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

I found these lovely vintage inspired centerpiece arrangements on Daily Candy Weddings. They are created by Katherine Oliver of San Francisco-based Cherries Flowers. She searches antique fairs and curiosity shops for milk glass, vintage soda bottles, and old-timey cans to use as vases. What a simple yet unique way to add a charming vintage touch to your wedding.

Photos by Getrude and Mabel Photography

Photos by Getrude and Mabel Photography

Photos by Getrude and Mabel Photography

Photos by Getrude and Mabel Photography

Photos by Getrude and Mabel Photography

Photos by Getrude and Mabel Photography

If you’d like vintage inspired centerpieces for your wedding, check out some of the vase substitutes we have on BravoBride. Click on the image to view the full listing.

100 recycled glass "mason" style jars that the bride collected for over 1 year. They all vary in size, and have been embellished with decorative papers and ribbons.

100 recycled glass "mason" style jars that the bride collected for over a year. They all vary in size, and have been embellished with decorative papers and ribbons.

10 aqua mason jars, perfect for a beach wedding

10 aqua Mason jars, perfect for a beach wedding.

This bride has two different sizes of Mason jars and 24 in each size.

This bride has two different sizes of Mason jars and 24 in each size.