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Styling Your Reception: 5 Upcycling Ideas

Monday, June 4th, 2012

As the big day draws near, (under 100 days until I say I do!) Jack and I realize that we have our work cut out for us in prepping the reception site for our guests. For the rest of the summer we are devoting ourselves to making sure the property is trimmed and ready to be used… but functionality is only part of what we want. We also want it to look amazing and to be memorable. Luckily, we have a creative wedding planner who is going to help us style the property so that it will not only be trimmed and mowed, but also have some cool accent pieces to help create a romantic feel for the night. For this post, I wanted to share some ideas that we might be incorporating into our wedding.

Photo on left from Dishfunctional Designs and photo on right from Alicia Parsons.

1. Vintage Suitcases
My dad just happened to own several really cool vintage suitcases and we just happen to have several really cool ideas with how we can incorporate them into the wedding. Surprisingly simple, classy and fun!

Image on left also from Dishfunctional Designs and image on right from Ribbons & Rust vintage wedding rentals.

2. Old Chairs
While looking for styling items in the barn, we found some old chairs would not be fit for guests but could be fit for something else. They have amazing backs and can easily be worked into the scenery by adding a burst of color to them.

Photo from

3. Upcycle Items with Meaning
Now I know not many people will own the item needed for this idea, but it’s worth sharing. My family has owned one of these Singer sewing wheels since I was little… in fact, I believe it was my grandmother’s. We used to play with it when my siblings and I were kids, but now that we’ve all grown up I think it’s appropriate to upcycle it. This is a great idea to bring new functionality to it while still keeping the memories attached with it.

Photo on left from Midwest Living. Photo on right by Bryan and Mae.

4. Vintage Bikes
Since my dad grew up in a large family, we just happen to have a few vintage bikes lying from when he was younger. We were discussing some fun ideas with what we could do with them and, just like the chair idea, we came to the conclusion that flowers are a great way to spruce up something old yet classic.

Photo on left from My Daily and photo on right from Apartment Therapy.

5. Tea Cups Saucers
I mentioned this idea in a previous post, 5 Ideas for Table Décor but a good idea is worth repeating. By upcylcing tea cup saucers, you are able to add a little personality to your dessert table, your guest’s table or even the head table. Find what you like (or use what you have) and create your own beautiful, and personalized, tier and use it for whatever you like! The best part is that you can take it home for future use or give it to a friend or family member.

These are only a few ideas that we are contemplating to use as decorations for the reception and I hope that they inspire you for your own wedding. Do you have a great upcycling idea? I’d love to see it! Just post a comment down below or on our Facebook page and tell us what you have done or what you want to do, and perhaps I’ll use the idea for my own wedding!

Featured Bride – Monica H.

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Our newest featured bride is the beautiful Monica H. from Anderson, Texas. She and her groom Zack tied the knot this past summer. I absolutely love how Monica’s wedding decorations were a ‘surprise’ to her (more about that below) and she gave some really wonderful advice to brides-to-be. Take a look at their gorgeous country chic wedding and if you love her dress, it’s for sale here.

Where did you and your husband meet and how did you know he was the one?

My husband and I met through a mutual friend that I had known for a very long time. We were in College Station, hanging out, and Zack happened to be there with my other friend. Although we did not talk much that night, we had a few dances and the next day, he got my phone number from my friend. He called me, asked me out, cooked me dinner, and we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together within the first two months of dating.

white wedding shoespearl bridal jewelry
Where and when were you married?

Zack and I were married on July 16, 2011 in Anderson, Texas. The setting was an 1850’s historical church, Anderson Baptist Church. We are members there and the setting was absolutely beautiful and perfect. Even though the church had been restored, the rock walls are the original ones. Our reception was held at the Navasota Riverhall, which is a beautiful country setting, with amazing chandeliers and lighting.

antique wedding rings
What was your favorite memory of the day?

There are so many great memories from our wedding day. I had the privilege to wear my Gran’s wedding band that my Grandad had given her over 50 years before, as my “something old.” My Grandad is no longer with us so that was very special. Seeing my husband’s face standing at the end of the aisle when I was walking down with my dad is an unforgettable moment, and having so many amazing friends and family be there and help make our day special is something I will never forget. Another amazing memory is that all of my decorations were a surprise. I had people that I trusted to create a cake they thought I would love, flowers that I only contributed the vases for, and table decorations and set up that was done by the coordinator. This was my way of relieving stress and “letting go.” It all turned out amazing! Lastly, my parents never had their “first dance” so my brother, sister, and I dedicated a song to them so they could dance from the year they were married.

If you could do it all over again is there anything you would have done differently?

The only thing I would have done differently is have my ceremony videoed. My pictures are absolutely amazing, but I would love to be able to hear and see the music and people walk down the aisle and be able to relive those moments that I was not able to see since the bride is the last to enter.

Why did you decide to sell your wedding decorations?

My wedding decorations and dress were certainly one of a kind, but someone else deserves to have beautiful things as well. I think, by selling my decorations, that someone else can have a gorgeous wedding at a deep discount. Being able to share my things with others that will enjoy the same happiness is a rewarding feeling. You can find some of Monica’s decorations she has for sale here.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to help brides while planning a wedding?

Brides that are planning a wedding, let people help!!! Friends and family truly want to have a part in your big day. Find friends that are trustworthy and creative, give them a small vision of what you want, and let them run with it. It will all work out and it’s so exciting to be able to see their creations. Save money by shopping online, using coupons, and allowing friends to help. Also, try to have your hair and make up people come to you! It is so helpful to NOT have to travel the day of our wedding and it gives a true sense of unity with the bridal party when everyone can get dressed together. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want. And spend most of your money on the honeymoon. It’s the best part. Lastly, do not forget the reason you are getting married. It is not so you can have a beautiful wedding or an expensive dress. It is because two people truly love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Everything else is just small details compared to the rest of your lives together!


Monica’s Wedding Vendors

Photography: Summer Lange Photography / Flowers: The Traveling Rose
Makeup: / Cakes: Sweet Sisters
Coordinating/Bridal Party Jewelry: Brenda Wells Rehearsal Dinner: Mary Lavendar / Reception Dinner: Yaya’s Catering / Church: Anderson Baptist Church – Officiant: Bro. Kyle Childress / Ceremony Music: Jellyface Music / Reception Music: Kraz’d Kountry Band Travel Agent: Cheryl at Custom Travels Houston

Fabulous Find – Elizabeth St.

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Our first fabulous find of 2012 is Elizabeth St., a small shop that specializes in unique accessories and home goods. Betsy Ryan Hany, the owner of Elizabeth St. makes beautiful items out of vintage maps which can easily be used for wedding decor. Take a look at some of her special creations below, they’d be perfect for a destination wedding!

wedding confettiHow sweet is this heart confetti? It’s punched out of vintage atlases and at only $4 it makes a inexpensive wedding decoration!

These pinwheels would make a fun favor or centerpiece at a destination wedding.

Swag this gorgeous garland on your cake table .

These origami globes come in a set of three and would look perfect at a wedding or bridal shower.

For even more vintage atlas creations please visit the Elizabeth St. shop. Happy shopping and until next week’s fab find!

Featured Bride – Peggy C.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

We have such a beautiful wedding for you today! Our featured bride, Peggy, and her husband Rob were just married this October at a picturesque manor in Virginia. Take a look at their amazing day below and all the little details that went into it.

Where did you and your husband meet and how did you know he was the one?

Rob and I met while out one night, he was with a group of guys which included someone I went to college with, and I was with a girlfriend. Rob got my number and contacted me the next day and even though he was super busy with work and being right in the middle of his MBA program, he always made time for me. We both knew pretty quickly that we were “the ones”. I’m usually pretty hesitant when I date someone new to decide if I really like them, but I knew right away with Rob and my friends can tell you that that’s how they knew he was special to me

Where and when were you married?

We were married on October 7th, 2011 in Berryville, Virginia at Rosemont Manor. We didn’t know when we were picking the date and booking Rosemont Manor that we had chosen Rob’s parents’ wedding date. We were married on their 44th anniversary which made the day even more meaningful.

What was your favorite memory of the day? My favorite memory of the day was when we were saying our vows. I had thought it would be hard to be up there with everyone staring at us, as neither of us particularly like that sort of attention, but it was a wonderful feeling to be standing there making those promises to each other. 

Their cake pop favors (pictured on the left), were a huge hit with the guests and on the right are Peggy’s place cards. She found antique skeleton keys and attached one to each card. The front had the guest’s name with table number and the back said, The key to a happy marriage is… and each guest was asked to write some words of advice for them. Some of them were serious but a lot of them were funny, like “My grandma used to say, never tell your husband no…. in bed!”

Peggy found this bird house online that doubles as a gift card box. It came with a second roof without the card slot to be used as a real bird house after the wedding.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to help brides while planning a wedding?

A suggestion that I would make to other brides is to really feel comfortable with your vendors, I had total faith in the people that were arranging the flowers, the DJ, the photographer, and the staff at Rosemont Manor and everything went off without a hitch. I had no worries on our wedding day and I was able to enjoy every moment. I would also suggest that you make the wedding what you want it to be. Rob and I were almost the last singles in our groups of friends and didn’t feel like we needed to do the bouquet toss and garter tradition (I’ve never really liked that part anyway) and so we left it out and no one seemed to even notice. So be as traditional or non-tradiotnal as you want to be, make the day your own.

To save money we did little things that added up, like having the meal buffet style instead of a served dinner, no one minded getting up to get their food. I also had a wonderful flower vendor who’s full service wedding was a little too expensive for us so she agreed to do our bouquets, bouts, and centerpieces without any other flower arrangments and without delivery. We had to go pick up the flowers that morning, but we saved a lot by doing it that way.

If you could do it all over again is there anything you would have done differently?

There really isn’t anything that I would do differently. I loved the whole day!
Peggy and Rob’s wedding vendors

Featured Wedding – Shannon & Jesse

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

We’re so excited to share this wedding with you today! Shannon and Jesse tied the knot on August 20th, 2011 in Greene, NY. Because Jesse’s grandmother believed weddings that happened on the hill where the happiest, Jesse and Shannon were married at his grandparents home (love that!).Read all about their wedding below and if you happen to fall in love with some of the decor, you’re in luck because a lot of it is listed for sale on BravoBride!

Jcrew wedding dress

Where did you and your husband meet and how did you know he was the one?

In 2002, we were both working at retail store in Wilkes Barre, PA. While I was working at the front of the store, three firefighters came storming in the building. Why? It turns out that the anchor store in the strip mall had received a bomb threat.

Seriously? In Wilkes Barre? You also have to remember that this was 2002; it had not been a full year since the horrific events of 9-11 happened. Any kind of treat was treated with serious precaution.

Therefore we evacuated the store immediately and instructed employees to meet at the “safe point”.

Since all the employees had to go to the safe point, the Barnes and Noble across the parking lot, I decided to drive myself. Just as I was pulling away, I saw that the new guy (aka Jesse) standing by himself. Being nice, I asked Jes if he would like a ride to the Barnes and Noble.

We grabbed some coffee from Starbucks in Barnes and Noble and sat outside chatting. Over the next few weeks we talked to each other randomly in passing… “Well why don’t you go out with a guy like me?” He would ask.

“Because I’m afraid of losing brain cells” I would respond.

However one Friday everything changed. I was working a morning shift and Jes had the pleasure of closing. In passing I joke “So, when are you taking me out?”

“How about tonight”

“Umm… (long pause)… s..ur..e”

“Great, I’m closing tonight so why don’t we meet at Eddy’s at midnight.” The rest was history.

Jesse and I might do things a little backwards than most couples. We started living together in 2004, engaged in 2009 and married in 2011. I guess that we like to take our time before making big decisions.

The major reason for the long engagement period was we could not figure out what kind of wedding we wanted to host. We would look at blogs and fall in love with the destination beach weddings and dream of the warm sand between our toes.  However, what beach? What country?

To add an additional twist into our wedding planning, my family (excluding my parents) lives in England. Jesse’s family lives in Upstate New York. Traditionally the couple gets married in the bride’s hometown, we grew up in Northern California, however currently we live in Philadelphia. So where do we host a wedding?

Growing up I was always jealous of friends that could run to Grandma’s house when they had a minor disagreement with their parents. Jesse comes from a huge and caring family. Here was my chance to get the extended family network I never had. It wasn’t easy; in fact it was quite overwhelming. So many personalities!

Every time we spent time with Jesse’s Grandmother, she always mentioned couples that got married on the “hill” had the best marriages. It didn’t matter where we were, we could be at one of her Grandchildren’s wedding and she would always tell us that the weddings that happen on the “hill” are the ones that last. In 2010, we were tired of trying to accommodate possible guests, tired of looking into elaborate elopement get-a-ways, and his Grandmothers words kept ringing in my ear. We had to get married on the “hill” – her hill – the one in her backyard.

What was your favorite memory of the day?

The day really flew by rather quickly. However, I have to say once I got out of the car, met my father in front of the house and started walking towards Jesse, the day was pretty magical. My dad and I had a quick chat on the walk down. “Shan, you doing alright? Are you nervous?”

“Dad, walk faster will you… we really don’t have all day for this?”

When we finally met up with the officiant and Jesse, it finally kicked in. OMG – everyone is looking at me. ECK! Then I started hearing the tears from my mother… oh geez, there goes my knees.

“Ha-ha, look she is finally shaking! She must be nervous after all.”

Thanks, Dad. I knew I could count on you to point out the obvious.

Honestly, I really didn’t expect to have all the emotions of the day to hit me right then and there. It did… like a ton of bricks! I don’t know if it is my favorite memory but it’s definitely the one that sticks out the most.

Diy wedding projects

If you could do it all over again is there anything you would have done differently?

Overall, the wedding was wonderful! I am so glad that I convince Jes to have it at his grandparent’s home. The location was perfect and we could not have asked for better love and support from his extended family members.

Why did you decide to sell your wedding items?

Why not! I don’t need 13 lanterns hanging around my house!

Do you have any tips or suggestions to help brides while planning a wedding?

The idea of planning a wedding three hours away from where we lived actually stressed us out, so we decided to hire a wedding planner. Since we where on a budget, we arranged for her to provide us with vendor support, recommendations and handle the day of coordination. This was the best purchase we made for the wedding.

In order to help with the planning, I opened a Dropbox account to share files with our wedding planner. I would save blog posts that would evoke the style we like and drew sketches of what the tables should look like.

A wedding is about the union of a couple and the elements of the wedding should reflect the couple and their styles. We stressed over the details that we felt reflected us as a couple. We decided to embark on DIY projects that showcased our tastes and us. Many people think of DIY wedding projects and little things like tears of joy packages come to mind. Take a step back and really think about the elements that will add a true benefit to your event. It can be as simple as picking a non-traditional drink menu!

Since we are from Philadelphia, we decided to serve only Philadelphia area brewed craft beers including Victory’s “Summer Love”. Jesse built a table container so the beer could stand upright while in ice and he made the same style of containers for the wine selection.

I’m glad we chose to have cupcakes. We were able to have margarita flavored cake with a tequila frosting, a Guinness flavored cake with Bailey frosting and a purple velvet to tie in to the rest of the event.

One of the antiques that can be found in Jesse’s Grandmother home is an old fashion teacart. It has been used in every wedding held at the home since it was purchased, so we had to find a way to make it a feature in ours. We decided that it should showcase the three family weddings that took place on the hill prior to us. Since it is was painted black and we decided to brighten it up by adding milk vases and bright flowers to it. For an added treat we left a dish filled with mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, our favorite candy.

Since one of our reception tables featured painted Ikea lanterns, we used a large lantern in the same style and cut out a slot on top for our cards. For our guest book we made a guest tree. I made this myself by signing up for Adobe’s free 30-day software and played with purchased stock graphics for the tree. Since I had the free trial software, I then created postcards for each place setting explainimg our donation to Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.

Our ceremony was a labor of love. It took the entire family to help with its creation. Jesse’s uncles regularly bale hay on their property, therefore we were able to use some of the bales for free! Jesse’s mom created the quilts to cover the hay, his father built the planter boxes, and his Aunt spent hours every week deadheading all the petunias to make sure the planters where nice and full for the wedding.

For a surprise to the family, we had set up a table of champagne in front of the ceremony sites. We displayed a picture of his Grandparent’s when they where young along side this poem, author unknown:

“Those we love don’t go away,

They walk beside us every day,

Unseen, unheard, but always near,

Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Please toast to their memory and the new ones we are about to create.”

So, why have champagne before the ceremony… well, why not? I was reading on a planning website that a champagne toast is the biggest waste of money at the reception. I totally agree, mostly because its after cocktail hour and I already have a drink in hand.  This was the one element that our traditional style parents asked us about – Are you doing a champagne toast? Not wanting to say no, we decided that we would reinterpret the tradition.


Shannon and Jesse’s wedding vendors

Wedding Coordinator and Florist: Maria Montemagno, All Occasions by Maria Photography: Erin Abbey Photography / Entertainment: Request Mobile Music Officiant: M. Shane Cook / Cupcakes: Pixie Cakes / Catering: Terra Cotta Catering
Bride’s Dress: J.Crew / Groom’s Suit: Michael Kors / Hair & Make-Up: Bride DIY’ed

One Day Only Sale on BravoBride!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

For one day only, September 8th, 2011 we are offering 50% off to feature an item (only $4.95, normally $9.95) and to highlight an item (just $2.95, normally $4.95).

Featured items are viewed 396.69% more than non-upgraded items and highlighted items are viewed 149.06% more. Featured and highlighted items are viewed 545.75% more than non-upgraded items. Whoa! That’s a lot of extra exposure for very little cost.

If you’ve been trying to decide when and what to sell, now is the time! Or if you’d like to upgrade a current item to a featured one, just login and edit your item!

Hot Bridal Trend – Gold

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

With Fall right around the corner I think we’re going to start seeing a lot of gold incorporated into wedding colors and themes. We found some once loved wedding items on BravoBride perfect for a gold wedding, Fall party or even the holidays. Please click on the description below to view the item listing.

1. Gold Tree Branches 2. Gold Chargers 3. Gold Frames
4. Gold Vases 5. Gold Elephant Tea Lights 6. Gold Favors

Wedding Deals & Steals

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Here’s a small selection of some of the best deals listed on BravoBride this week. Please click on the image to view the complete listing. Have a great weekend!

David's bridal green bridesmaid dress

Short strapless clover green dress - listed at 49% off the retail price.

Use this rhinestone trim for your dress, cake, bouquet or centerpieces. Discounted by 40%.

Christina Wu Wedding Gown

Beautiful Christina Wu wedding dress, purchased for $1210 and for sale on BravoBride for $580.

pom decorations

Decorate your wedding with these fun poms available in a huge variety of colors. Only $285 for 100 poms.

Simply stunning Eve of Milady designer wedding dress for 76% off the retail price!

antique engagement ring

Diamond antique engagement ring appraised at $8,500 and for sale on BravoBride for $2,450.

Eggplant Chair Cover Sashes

100 eggplant chair cover sashes, only $1 each.

Custom 2-strand Swarovski Crystal/pearl & Rhinestone Necklace

Custom 2-strand Swarovski crystal and pearl necklace, on sale for 43% off the retail value.

Pour La Victoire Stella Shoes

69% off these gorgeous, brand new in box, Pour La Victoire Stella shoes.

Featured Bride – Jessica S.

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Our latest featured bride is Jessica Smith from Winder, Georgia. Jessica sold several of her wedding items on BravoBride after her big day and she shared her beautiful wedding with us below.

Jessica and her new hubby Aaron, share a kiss on their wedding day.

This Unity Candle Set is for sale on BravoBride, perfect for a couple with a last name starting with ‘S.’

Where and when was your wedding held?
The Thompson House and Gardens in Bogart, GA on March 12, 2011.

You can buy Jessica’s toasting flutes and cake serving set for almost half off.

Why did you decide to sell some of your wedding items?
I wanted to sell some of my wedding items, because I knew another bride would love to have some of the unique things from my wedding. Also, I knew that I would never use them again.

Would you recommend selling used wedding items to other brides?
I would recommend this to anyone and the website made it very easy to sell my used wedding decorations. I only wish I had used this website before I got married.

Do you have any other advice for future brides?
I would advise future brides to hire a wedding planner. This makes your life a lot easier and takes a lot of stress off. My wedding planner made sure my day went smooth and even got a last minute reception babysitter. Reception babysitters are the way to go. The babysitter entertained all of the children and this allowed the parents to have fun at the wedding.

What was your favorite memory from your big day?
My favorite memory was having our “first look” momment. We saw each other before the wedding, so that we could take pictures before the reception. Our photographer got some really great pictures from that special moment. It did not take anything away from the moment and it freed up our time to be with guests at our reception.

Jessica and Arron’s wedding vendors:
Florist The Thompson House
Photographer Deanne Segars- Beyond the Lense
Dj- Randy Burton
Wedding Cake Sugar Kneads
Wedding Planner Jesse from The Thompson House and Gardens


Featured Bride – Donna K.

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

This week our featured bride is Donna K. from Linden, NJ. She made such a beautiful bride – can you believe she did her own hair!? It looks fabulous! Donna was kind enough to share her story and wedding with us below.

Donna and her new hubby!

When you were shopping for a dress, what were you looking for in style?

A timeless, elegant, inexpensive wedding dress that would not be heavy or hot for my August wedding.

Walking down the aisle.

Why did you decide to sell your wedding dress?

The color of the first wedding dress I ordered was “candlelight.” Once it arrived at the bridal shop I was not really happy with it, but realized I did not have much time to order another dress. I got it altered and at my last fitting decided that I was not comfortable wearing it and wanted a white dress. I was able to rush order the same wedding dress in white and wear that one. was the perfect place to try to sell my never worn “candlelight” wedding dress. I was really hoping that someone would be able to wear the candlelight wedding dress. It looked sad sitting in the closet.

Donna's wedding dress looked amazing on her.

Where and when did you get married?

My husband and I got married August 8, 2007 at McLoone’s Pier House, which overlooks the beach in Long Branch, New Jersey.

McLoone's Pier House.

Would you recommend selling a used wedding dress to other brides?

I absolutely recommend selling a used wedding gown. I am sure many women, like myself, are so excited to marry their husbands that being able to get married is more important than getting into debt just to tie the knot. I was ecstatic when I sold my dress. What warmed my heart even more is that I got a picture of the new owner wearing the dress on her wedding day and learned how much she loved it!

The ceremony overlooked the ocean.

What was your favorite part of your day?

My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle with my new husband after our wedding ceremony and dancing to our wedding song. This was the first time I really got to spend with him in two days!

The flower in Donna's hair was the perfect accessory.

Thank you Donna for sharing your lovely wedding with us and for finding a way to let another bride enjoy your gown too!