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6 Tips to Help Pick Out the Perfect Engagement Ring

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

This beautiful Tacori engagement ring was purchased for $10,000 and is for sale on BravoBride for $2,900.

You can ask almost any married guy, picking out an engagement ring can be quite a process. They learn all about the 4 C’s (Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight.) but if they haven’t gone ring shopping with their future fiancé they might not know what style of ring she likes. We compiled 6 tips for guys who want to pop the question with the perfect ring.

Look at her current style of jewelry

Does she wear white gold or silver all the time? If so they she probably won’t want a ring that’s made of yellow gold.

Ask her best friend

This is one of the most important things you can do. Typically your fiancé’s best friend will have a good idea of the type of jewelry she likes. Take her shopping with you before you decide on the final ring; just make sure she doesn’t let the cat of the bag before you pop the question.

Talk to her family

Her parents may have a family heirloom that your fiancé’ has always wanted made into a ring. This could also help save a lot of money if you don’t have to buy a diamond and it would have priceless sentimental value.

Make the most of your budget

You don’t have to spend two months of your salary to find the perfect engagement ring. If the diamond is on the small side you can find a beautiful setting that will accentuate it. You can also consider not using a diamond as the center stone, sapphires come in many colors and are a great alternative. Lastly, used engagement rings are a terrific way to get the biggest bang for your buck. Most gently used engagement rings are discounted by 25%-70% off!

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Snag one of her rings

If you have no idea what size your fiancé’s finger is, don’t try to guess. Simply take a ring out of her jewelry box and use it as your starting point. The ring will probably still need to be resized a bit so make sure that band you choose is resizeable.

Take the easy way out

If you still have no idea what type of ring she’d like, take the easy way out. Just buy a simple solitaire and then shop for the setting together after you’ve finally popped the question.

Inspiration Monday – Tiffany Theme!

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Happy Inspiration Monday! Today’s inspiration is Tiffany. Not only just Tiffany blue but also some gorgeous Tiffany jewelry that’s listed on BravoBride.  For the full listing of each item please click on the names below.


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The Tradition of Wedding Rings

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Today I was just browsing though the jewelry section and wanted to share some of my favorite wedding bands on the site (click on the photo to see the listing). While I was at it, I did a little research on wedding bands and where the tradition comes from. So feast your eyes below on some beautiful rings and read on if you’d like to learn more about why we wear bling on our left hand. :)

Tiffany & Co. Platinum & Gold Wedding Band - almost half off!

Tiffany & Co. Platinum & Gold Wedding Band - almost half off!

Simon G Wedding Band - reduced to $550

Simon G Wedding Band - reduced to $550

This rustic gold ring is only $35!

This rustic gold ring is only $35!

Teno stainless steel with ceramic inlay, 50% off

Teno stainless steel with ceramic inlay, 50% off

Wedding bands are thought to have their origins in ancient times, possibly as far back as ancient Egypt. Egyptians twisted plant material (such as hemp) into rings and bracelets. The circle has symbolized eternity for many cultures throughout the millennia, and so it did for the Egyptians. With no beginning or end, just as time, and returning onto itself, just like life. The shape of the circle was therefore revered and adored.

In Roman times, the tradition of wearing a ring on the third finger of the left hand was started. They believed that an artery extended directly from the heart to the third finger, they called this vein the vena amoris (love vein). The wearing of this ring symbolized the capture of one’s heart.

n antiquity, wedding bands or rings were made from different materials such as leather or wood. As metallurgy advanced, so also did the rings and bracelets began to be made of iron, brass, silver, and gold.

Although today we’re used to the tradition of exchanging rings at a wedding ceremony, in Roman times, and also in other cultures and ages, rings were given as symbols of eternal love when the married couple entered their home for the first time. These rings were not necessarily simple bands like today’s, but, especially in medieval times, were quite ornate.

Silver was quite popular as the metal of choice for wedding bands during the Renaissance, especially in Italy. Its popularity later spread to France and England. Gold eventually became more popular, and silver was relegated for rings of engagement. The Irish believed it to be bad luck for wedding bands to be made from anything other than gold.

Today wedding bands come in all shapes and materials. Traditions remain, but people choose anything from traditional golden rings – usually engraved with their partner’s name and wedding date, to silver or copper or brass rings, to tattoos!

However, the tradition of exchanging a token symbolizing eternal love has not, and is unlikely to disappear, much to the relief of wedding vendors everywhere.