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Linda is our Mother of the Bride extraordinaire. Not only does she have experience planning her daughter's wedding she also has been happily married for over 35 years. She has a wealth of knowledge about life, love and happiness and isn't afraid to voice her opinion either. Every week Linda will answer a reader's question, now is your chance to get a mother of the bride's perspective without it being your own mother!
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Question posted on May 05, 2009 by Bride2010

I am really upset with my future mother-in-law. She went ahead and bought her gown before I picked out my bridesmaid gowns and before my Mom bought hers. Isn't it tradition that the mother of the bride gets her dress first?
It may be tradition, but in my opinion I think it is a very superficial tradition. When I selected my gown for my daughter's wedding, I made my selection based on the wedding color scheme and that was it. I couldn't expect my daughter's future mother-in-law to wait on me until I found my gown. I honestly think there are too many other important things to focus on. As it did happen, I bought mine first only because I was lucky enough to come across it early, but many times my daughter's mother-in-law and I talked about different places to shop and what each had seen.