BravoBride Boutiques

What's Allowed in Boutiques

You can list anything a bride needs for a perfect wedding-bridal dresses, shoes, accessories, ceremony and reception items, wedding favors and more.

It is important that BravoBride maintains its commitment to selling new or gently used items at discounted* prices. Your item must fit in one of these categories:

  • Item is preowned or gently used.
  • Item is new and affordable or discounted from the retail price.
  • Item is a sample or a discontinued item.
  • Item is handmade or in an eco-friendly wedding item. These items do not have to be discounted.*

How it works

Step 1 - Register for an account and sign up as a BravoBride boutique to sell your wedding items.

Step 2 - After you're registered, click on 'The customize your boutique' button to add your logo and banner, polices and about page. After your done customizing your boutique then you can start selling items. Click on the 'List an Item' button, choose the category that best fits your item and complete the listing form.

Step 3 - Simply click submit to upload your items and you're open for business. Your listing stays active for as long as you are a boutique. Payment and shipping transactions are between the buyer and seller. For payment transactions we recommend PayPal and Google Checkout. For items priced over $100 we highly recommend using, they are the only online payment company that can protect the buyer and seller.