10 Alternative Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are a wedding staple, but everyone likes cake. Many brides feel pressured to have the perfect wedding cake when in reality they don’t like cake at all. If cake isn’t what you want then don’t stick to the stereotype! There are so many different alternatives to wedding cakes that you can try out! Many you can even arrange into three tiers so you still get the look of a wedding cake! Here are ten awesome alternatives to wedding cakes!

1. Cookie Cake!

2. Macaroon Cake!

3. Pie Cake!

4. Cinnamon Roll Cake

5. Donut Cake! (Great for brunch weddings!)

6. Oreo Cake!

7. Brownie Cake!

8. Cannoli Cake!

9. Waffle Cake! (Perfect for brunch weddings!)

10. Rice Crispy Treat Cake

Comment below which one is your favorite!

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