10 Proposal Ideas that Your Partner Will Swoon Over

10 Proposal Ideas that Your Partner Will Swoon Over

You’re done sneaking off to find out your partner’s ring size. You’ve figured out their jewelry preferences and visited countless jewelers to find the ideal ring. Now, it’s time for the main event—the proposal.

You want to top off with a proposal that your partner will never forget (in a good way, of course) after working so hard to find the perfect but inexpensive engagement ring. Something that will be told  to your family, friends, your children, and their children. You get the gist.

How you propose is the most crucial element of the proposal. There are a lot of proposal ideas on the internet, but you want something that your soon-to-be spouse won’t be able to resist.

Listed below are some of the most awesome ways to propose and get your partner’s sweet “Yes!” Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to make the proposal extra special.

Proposing in Public

The first thing you should ask yourself when thinking of a way to propose should be what would make your partner feel happy and comfortable. A public proposal can put them on the spot.

Don’t pop the question in front of many people if you think you partner won’t like it. But if they don’t mind sharing the moment with others, then proceed with your most creative public proposal:

First Date

The first date is an extra special memory for most couples. Re-create your first date for your proposal. If it happened in a restaurant, reserve a booth in advance and get the management in on the plan.

Avoid the ring-in-cake cliché as it can present a very real choking hazard. Instead, hire a musician to play your partner’s favorite song, have the staff bring flowers on cue, and get down on one knee.

Vacation Proposal

Plan a vacation with your partner. Go to a place that is special to you both or somewhere that you’ve both been looking forward to travel to.

Look for romantic or picturesque destinations where you can propose. Call ahead and make some arrangements in case you need to permission. Schedule your proposal on a day with nice weather and without too many people.

Scavenger Hunt

Enlist the help of family and friends to organize a scavenger hunt that will end with your proposal. On a weekend or rest day, leave a note at home, or send a text to your partner with instructions on what to wear and where to go.

Lead your partner to a hunt to all your favorite places. To make sure your partner doesn’t lose their way, ask a family member or friend on wait on each place with a note or clue of what to do next.

Game Night

Organize a game night with family or friends. Prepare a game of charades, trivia, or pictionary. Wait until everyone is relaxed and into the game before you propose. When it’s your turn to act out a scenario, ask a question, or draw a picture, you can bend on one knee in front of your partner, pop the question, or illustrate a person proposing.

Fairy-Tale Proposal

Make your partner feel like a royal by giving them a fairy-tale proposal at the happiest place on earth—Disneyland! Propose in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Snow White’s Wishing Well, or at your partner’s favorite place in the park. You can go all-out and arrange a special proposal with your preferred Disneyland brand. The park can be crowded during the season, so pick an off-peak month.


Proposing in Private

A private proposal is a wiser choice if your partner is introverted or likes to keep things low-key. It can be as grand as a public proposal, just without other people around. But most of the time, private proposals are relaxed and intimate with a dash of excitement.

Morning Surprise

Give your partner a pleasant wake-up call on a weekend or rest day. Serve them breakfast in bed, complete with flowers. You can propose after you eat. Alternatively, you can put the ring on their finger while they sleep and wait for them to notice.

Flower Trail

Create a trail of flowers and candles or fairy lights from your front door to your dining area or bedroom, where you will be waiting to propose. Turn off the lights in the house for a romantic ambience. (You can turn on the lampshades if it’s too dark.) Decorate the dining area or bedroom with flowers, candles, fairy lights, and a picture of you together. Prepare homemade dinner and champagne.

Movie Night

Instead of going out, stay in and watch a movie with your partner for your date night. Insert “after credits” at the end of the movie. (The after credits can be a compilation of your moments together in pictures and videos.)

Pretend to go to the bathroom just when the after credits roll in. Wait for their reaction then go out and get down on your knee.

Pet Proposal

Plan this proposal when you’re both just relaxing at home and doing nothing. Secure the ring on your pet’s collar.

When the timing is right and your partner least expects it, call out your pet over, and let it present the surprise to your partner. Use a ribbon or something eye-catching to attach the ring on the collar so your partner can notice it right away.

Photo Series

Use your artistic and craft skills and favorite craft supplies to make a photo series proposal. Create a scrapbook of the most special moments you and your partner have shared together.

On the last page, write “Will you marry me?” or put a picture of yourself holding a sign that says the same. Or write something about making another unforgettable memory, propose to your partner, and capture the moment with a camera you’ve set up beforehand.


Final Word

You can have a simple, intimate private proposal or an elaborate, grand public proposal. At the end of the day, what matters most is making your partner happy and comfortable.

Never put them on the spot or pressure them to give the answer you want. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and say the words you’ve been wanting to say. Whatever answer you get, be respectful and sincere.


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