10 Unique Wedding Plate Chargers

Ten Unique Wedding Plate Chargers 

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Wedding plate chargers complete weddings with elegant and rich style. The perfect charger is a beautiful element. Commonly chargers are used for multi-course meals and not buffet use. It also serves as a place marker and removed before the meal.


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Pink Vintage

Pink is a delicate color that is romantic, charming, and represents universal love for oneself and others. It is a timeless color that dates back generations of feminine and tenderness.


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Elegant Fabric

Hand-designed fabrics is a one of a kind detail. Fabrics not only look fabulous but save your tablecloths from stains. Elegant fabrics refine your wedding decor. It adds well kept aesthetic to the wedding.


Autumn, Fall, Wedding, Charger


Fall represents its own sense of beauty. Many people believe its the most beautiful time of the year  A mix or orange and white give the warm comfy feeling that you get at home in front of a fire.

So you’re planning a wedding in autumn, check out BravoBrides 8 Fall Color Palettes that Aren’t Just Orange blog for more.


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Outdoors and Nature

Earth colors are great design themes for outdoor lifestyle and enthusiasts. “Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” — Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Outdoor wedding receptions have a relaxed and comfortable setting. A dramatic floral centerpieces and creative lighting illuminate tables when the night falls.


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Succulents are those little plants you see growing alongside cacti and aloe vera. The colors range from grey tones to purple which means they work well in multiple palettes. They are filled with water so they are great for DIY decorative detail.  They grow in many shapes and designs. Perfect for bouquets, table decor and cakes.




Red is a passionate and joyful color.  It has a vivid contrast with white and popular for weddings. Red is the color to use if you are looking to turn heads at your wedding and add a burst of vibrant color on your special day.




Timeless Gold

Gold decor and white flowers balance each other in an elegant and timeless result. Gold is the perfect color to accent any time of the year. It adds hints of glamour and sophistication to your decor and always a good addition to your color palette.



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Traditional White Wedding

White weddings are a traditional style for wedding and they are filled with details and texture. Elegant white linens lining the tables and vases full of white flowers give sparkle to every table. White wedding is a go-to wedding style for celebrities because of the romantic and modern palette.


Personalized wedding chargers are inexpensive and less resourceful than other chargers. Writing letters to your guests adds emotions to your wedding. Some ideas include writing with a sharpie on the plate or using pen and paper. Check out BravoBride for more personalized wedding chargers and ideas!


Happy planning! As always, make sure to check out BravoBride for gorgeous and good as new wedding items.

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