10 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Reception Decorations

If you’ve been to more than a handful of wedding receptions, then you know they all start to look the same. When it comes to your big day, you want it to stand out and be memorable, but you don’t want to break the bank either. Keep reading to learn 10 ways to save money on your wedding reception decorations.

1) Get Creative With Flowers:

I once attended a wedding with large displays of flowers. They almost looked like they were giant balls of flowers, simultaneously attention-grabbing, memorable, and elegant. Honestly, they’re the only decorations I recall from that day. The displays were clearly made by a professional, but a bride and groom could easily make something similar using the large styrofoam balls they sell at Michael’s or another craft store. Just insert the flower stems into them on all parts of the surface. Save money on this by either using silk flowers or ordering from an Internet wholesaler.


2) Think Picnic:

I attending another wedding that was outdoors, and instead of reception ‘tables’, pillows and blankets were laid out on the ground with food. Every blanket was given its own picnic basket, stocked up with wine and goodies. This was unique, fun, classy, and far cheaper than the normal formal layout with tables and chairs. It just felt more intimate and made us all feel more connected to our friends and the couple.

3) Light Some Candles:

Nothing conveys romance more than a dimly lit room only illuminated by the collective glow of dozens or hundreds of candles. Fortunately, most modern candles are pretty cheap.


4) Fluff It Up With Feathers:

Feathers are currently on-trend in wedding decor. Go to a craft store for bulk buying, and then make large feather wreaths you can hang onto walls. Alternatively, create an inexpensive yet elegant look by adding them to flower centerpieces.

5) Tie Up Ribbons:

It can take a lot of effort to make seat covers, or they are expensive to rent. Rather than using them, find some gorgeous wide ribbon, and use it to tie onto the backs of chairs. This elegant touch spruces things up a little, and it’s far cheaper than fancy seat covers. Get a few friends to help you cut and tie ribbons for the main event.

6) Light It Up:

White Christmas or holiday lights are used by many folks all year long, especially on back porches. These decorations are elegant and simple, and can beautify any venue hosting a wedding reception. Hang them from the ceiling, around a table or the cake, or even in potted plants. Lanterns are another great idea if you don’t like Christmas lights.

7) Make A Splash:

A water fountain is a great addition to a reception entrance. Even a small one from home that sits on top a table adds a water feature. The sound is refreshing, and it might help your guests relax at the reception.


8) Use Food As Decor:

A good part of your day’s pizzazz is going to be the wedding drink and food, as well as how it is arranged on the platters. For a festive mood, go with big, assorted apothecary jars full of candy around the dessert bar. For an organic feel, go with rustic bread and farm fresh cheeses laid out on trays.

9) Fabric Has You Covered:

Your favorite craft store can be a source of yards and yards of fabrics you like. Cover tables, drape it from ceilings, and get creative in its placement for an atmosphere of soft intimacy and romance.

10) Put Out Your Engagement Photos:

Your guests are sure to love looking over your engagement photos, so display them at the reception. In fact, many folks might only see them at your reception. Add favorite pictures of yourself and your soon-to-be spouse. Slide shows are a great way to avoid choosing frames or a collage.


A final word: Be sure to be in touch with your wedding venue to see if they can accommodate your desired decorations. They may or may not take issue with it.  If you are looking for a wedding hotel in Michigan, look no further than The Townsend Hotel, who are known for gorgeous weddings.

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