Wedding Rules You Should Follow

There are lot of traditional rules that come with wedding planning and the wedding day itself. Many of these rules are outdated and no longer need to be followed. Most people find them not necessary or just out right sexist. Though there are many rules that you should still try to follow. We have come up with a list of the most important rules that you should still follow so you know which rules you can disregard.


Setting a Budget and Sticking to it

This is one of the most important things when it comes to planning your wedding. Your budget is super important because it lays out how much money you can spend on each part of your wedding. One of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning their wedding is not sticking to their budget. Be sure to follow your plan because if you don’t you will be in trouble and not be able to afford things later down the road of planning. Also be sure to have open communication with all the people that are helping pay for the wedding so things are clear from the start.


An Invitation to Pre-Wedding Events

This rule is super important to follow to ensure that feelings don’t get hurt. Giving someone an invitation to a pre wedding event such as the wedding shower is an invitation to the wedding. It is very rude to invite someone to something before the wedding where they most likely will give you a gift and then not invite them to the real thing. It is a sure way to hurt people’s feelings. So keep this in mind when you are inviting people to things.


Save the Date

Along the same lines as wedding showers if you send someone a save the date you have to send them an invitation inviting them to the wedding. Be sure that you have enough invites to send to everyone that send a save the date too. It is just common curtesy and proper manners to send a formal invitation to everyone you informally invited with a save the date.


Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Budget

You aren’t the only one that has to take on a financial burden when throwing the wedding. The people that are in the wedding with you are as well. Be sure to take this into account when picking out dresses and tuxes. Most people don’t just have $500 to spend on attire for your wedding. Also make sure you think about Bachelorette/Bachelor party because they will most likely be footing the bill for that.


Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are a great way to thank everyone for sharing your special day with you and celebrating your love. They most likely have spent money on gifts and transportation so the least that you can do is say thank you. You can even order thank you notes when you order your wedding invitations to make it easier on you. They don’t need to be done immediately after but don’t wait too long. Try to get them in the mail at the latest 3 weeks after your wedding.

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