3 Ways to Politely Say “No Children” on the Wedding Invitation

Photo Credit: OneWed.com

Photo Credit: OneWed.com

When planning your big day, some couples opt for a ceremony and reception without their friend’s and family’s children present. Doing so ensures for a quiet ceremony and a stress-free reception. But how do you politely tell those invited that their children are not welcome?

1. Word of Mouth

Relying on word of mouth to spread the news that children will not be invited to your ceremony or reception saves you from the risk of sounding rude in writing. This also comes with the risk of miscommunication/ not all of your guests receiving this information.

2. Writing on the RSVP

Writing “Adult Reception Only” on your RSVP card is a quick and easy way to give your guests a heads up that this is an adults only event. By stating it clearly, you alleviate the risk of confusion or guests asking if their children are invited.

3. “Seats Reserved in Your Honor ____”

Writing this on your RSVP is another easy way to tell guests that just Mom and Dad are invited to this event. By narrowing down exactly how many seats you have reserved for each guest, confusion about plus one’s or the inclusion of the whole family is alleviated.

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