4 Items to Buy Instead of Rent for Your Wedding

4 Items to Buy Instead of Rent for Your Wedding

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of things you’ll spend money on for your wedding that you will never use again. Unless you and your partner plan on opening a restaurant after your big day, you could not possibly need twenty eggshell tablecloths, eighty silver place card holders, and an outdoor tent handy. Things like furniture, lighting, and linens are all great things to borrow rather than buy. However, there are also some wedding purchases that could be unexpectedly useful later on. Here are four things that are better to buy than rent.

1. Table Runners

Table runners are much better purchased than rented. Not only is buying table runners often less expensive than renting, but they are quite easily repurposed. Couples can keep the table runners for their own dining room table, or resell them undamaged at roughly retail price. This not only saves money, but potentially gives it back. For inexpensive table runners, check out these geometric or burlap and lace runners on BravoBride, or these lovely sheer runners on Amazon.


2. Centerpiece Vases

Centerpiece vases are also an excellent purchase. Standard flower vases can be kept for home décor, or resold online. If you’d like to get creative with your centerpieces, you could also use items such as flower pots, pails, or glass bottles. These are all items that could easily be transformed into planters, candle holders, garden décor, and more by a crafty couple. These, too, are also fairly inexpensive, making them an easy and affordable purchase.


3. Groom’s Suit or Tux

You may not be able to wear your wedding dress again, but a groom could certainly re-wear his suit! A full suit should be treated as an investment piece. They are perhaps pricier than other wedding purchases, but can be used in the future on almost any formal occasion, whether the pants and jacket are worn together or separately. In the long run, it becomes more cost effective to purchase this item rather than rent it for each use.


4. Plates and Utensils

Lastly, we recommend buying plates and utensils. At first, it may seem silly to purchase place settings for all fifty of your reception guests. However, these items, too, could be more expensive to rent than to purchase. If you have your heart set on fine china for your wedding, perhaps it would be better to rent than buy. However, if you’re looking for simpler designs, place settings can be purchased cheaply from stores such as Ikea, and even here at BravoBride. For an even lower cost alternative, decorative plastic settings can be purchased here on Amazon. Plates and silverware can also be used as well as resold.


Looking for other low cost wedding purchases? Make sure to check out BravoBride for just-like-new wedding items at a discounted price!

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