5 Myths About Weddings… Debunked!

The internet is a huge tool that many brides use while planning their wedding. It is a great resource for ideas and planning tips and tricks, but like anything you read on the internet make sure that it is true. There are so many myths floating around trying to trick future brides! We have come up with a list of 5 major myths to watch about for because they are not always what they seem.

1. Your fiancé will have no opinions about your wedding day

Many people often assume that just because he is a man he will have to opinions regarding the color scheme, flower arrangements, the attire, etc and this isn’t always the case! It is his day too and his opinions need to be heard and taken into account as well. A huge part of marriage is compromise, and this starts with wedding planning. If he insists that the flowers be arranged a certain way maybe go with it and let him have that, and you can decide the color of the flowers!

2. You will cry when you find “the dress”

If you find a dress you absolutely love but you don’t burst into tear the moment you try it on that is OKAY! Everyone reacts differently and more often than not future brides don’t cry. If you love the dress and you feel amazing and beautiful in it that is all that matters. Along with this, if your husband to be doesn’t cry as you are walking down the aisle that is OKAY too! How many tears that are shed is not a measurement of your love.

3. You have to have a traditional wedding to appease your family

This is your and your fiancé’s day and it should be exactly what you want. Everyone will have their opinions about everything from your dress to the food you serve but don’t forget that this is your wedding day, not theirs. A great way to handle that relative that thinks they know best and is full of opinions is to stick with the response, “thank you so much I will keep that in mind throughout our planning process”. It will allow them to feel heard but they won’t walk into the wedding expecting to see the color scheme that they suggested.

4. You should hire your family and friends to do as much as they can to save money

Hiring friends and family for certain aspect of your wedding is not always the best idea. For example, if you hire your sister’s daughter to do the photos, no matter how talented she is, it will be really hard to be harsh with her about what you want because you don’t want to hurt her feelings. You also want them to enjoy your big day as well. When it comes down to it you will want them to celebrate your love with them. Though this isn’t always the case. Sometimes hiring friend and family works perfectly and allows for some breathing room and your budget, and that is OKAY. Do what works for you, but don’t sacrifice parts of your wedding you are passionate about just because it is a family member working on it!

5. Everything had to be perfect

Nothing in this world is perfect and your wedding day will not be an acceptation. There is beauty in imperfections, so embrace that. If you go into your wedding planning with the expectation that your day will go off without a hitch you are in for a rude awakening. Though in the end what matter is the love you are celebrating. It is your love that matters and if you have that, your wedding day will be perfect for you. Take time to enjoy that love, don’t sweat the small stuff.

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