5 Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts that Every Couple Would Love

5 Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts that Every Couple Would Love

The days of gifting silver tea sets and fine china to newly weds seem to be coming to an end. While these gifts are thoughtful, they can also be impractical­. Why buy your friends or family a gift just to have it gather dust in cabinet? Read on to learn about some of our favorite, non-traditional wedding gifts.

1. Wedding Gift Cards

One sure fire way to get your friends the perfect gift is to have them pick it! Wedding gift cards (of which there is a great selection on Amazon) are both appropriate for the occasion and give the newly weds the opportunity to find something they truly want or need. Gift cards are a simple and thoughtful gesture without the stress and guesswork of finding just the right gift. This can be especially helpful if you do not know the couple very well, or if the couple does not have a registry.


2. Donation to Charity

Another great way to avoid spending money on something useless is to spend that money on a good cause. Donating to a charity in the name of the couple is an excellent way to celebrate their marriage while also ensuring your gift is beneficial. Thoughtful, generous, and kind, this is a great gift for any newlyweds.

3. Card with a Check

While this gift has the same advantages of a gift card, it comes with added versatility. Gift cards require a couple to shop at a particular store, whereas a check could be used for anything they’d like. Maybe they do really want a new toaster, or maybe they want to save for an apartment. It’s entirely up to them. Far from lacking originality, a card with your well wishes and a donation to their future life together can be freeing and helpful for any couple.

4. Donate to Honeymoon Fund

Weddings are expensive, but traveling can be even more so. Between plane tickets, hotel bookings, food, and activity expenses, couples could be spending thousands of dollars on their honeymoon. Donating to a couple’s honeymoon fund would not only be a considerate gift, but a valuable one. Whether you’re helping fund a plane ticket or a Mai Thai on the beach, your donation would help your newlywed friends or family make the most of their vacation together.

5. Gift Certificate for Something Fun!

Not interested in buying “things” for the couple? How about spending money on activities! Get creative by purchasing a gift certificate something you know the newly weds will enjoy. For some couples this may be a cooking class, for others it may be skydiving. Either way, with a little research, you are sure to find something fun for a couple to do together, which can be much more meaningful than a new blender.


Best of luck gift hunting! For other wedding and gift ideas, make sure to check out our blog at BravoBride.com.


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