5 Tips for Getting Ready the Morning Of

The morning of your wedding there are going to be so many emotions going through you! To make things easier for you we have come up with 5 tips for you so you can focus on getting ready and looking your best!

1. Make a timeline

Keep in mind if you are all getting your hair done by one person you need to plan accordingly! Make sure you either have enough time for each person or bring in multiple people so you can all get dolled up at the same time. Once you have a timeline make sure you share it with people such as your photographer so they know when to expect to begin taking photos. For evening weddings you will have a little more leeway when getting ready so make sure to keep that in mind when planning your wedding.

2. Food and Drink

Make sure everyone is well fed and hydrated. This is super important because the last thing you need is a grouchy bride and bridesmaids fainting because they haven’t had food and it is a hot summer day. Though make sure to keep yourselves in check. Don’t feel like you can’t have a mimosa to celebrate the morning of your big day but be sure to not drink too many!

3. Hang up your dress and veil

Your dress will need time to breath, so for morning weddings be sure to take it out of the bag as soon as you wake up and for later weddings take it out when you begin to get ready! Make sure you keep it away from possible disasters such as food, drinks, and makeup. Maybe hang it somewhere where your photographer can take some stunning shots of it!

4. Get ready somewhere with good lighting 

This is super important for two reasons. One if you are inviting you photographer to come take photos of you and your bridesmaids getting ready you want good lighting so the photos turn out the way you want! Second this will be where you will be doing/getting your making done so you want to have as much natural lighting as possible so your makeup looks amazing and not too thick.

5. Bring an emergency kit

Things will happen and not go as planned so you want to be as prepared as possible! Pack a kit full of things like scissors, body tape, tweezers, razors, stain remover, ect! When things start going south you can pull it out and but the bride at ease!

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