5 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Invites

5 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Invites

The invitation: it’s the first thing your future wedding guests will see, before the vows, the dress, or any of the decorations. You know you want your invitation to make a grand first impressiona stunning reminder of your big day that hangs on the fridge for all to see, rather than a piece of stationery that gets lost in a desk drawer for months.

How do you ensure that your wedding invitation makes an impact from the moment it’s opened? You give your guests with a truly unique wedding invitation that makes a statement.

If you’re looking for ideas, read below for some inspiration.

The Acrylic Invite

These will look amazing on your guests’ fridge or tacked to their office cork board. What is acrylic? The idea here is that your invitation details are printed on a clear small sheet of plastic, complete with tons of customizable fonts and embellishments, resulting in a masterpiece that stands out from traditional paper wedding invitations.

There are so many ways you can make acrylic invitations unique. Take advantage of the material by using it for your wedding theme if it applies. If you have a winter wedding, you can use clear acrylic, some snowflakes, and silver or gold ink for the wedding invitations. The result? A stunning winter wonderland-inspired memento you can proudly display. If you’re looking for more ideas, see here for plenty of acrylic wedding invitation ideas.


The Laser-Cut Invite

If you have an eye for details or if you adore intricate little shapes, then you can definitely impress your guests with laser-cut invites. Laser-cut stationery is artwork: tiny, intricate, elegant designs are cut out of a piece of paper, leaving you with stationery that looks like it came straight from the Queen of England. If you’re going for an elegant wedding, you can’t go wrong with these.

The beauty of laser cutting is that you can use it to create any object you want it to. If you want to see hollowed-out flowers as part of the design, you can definitely do that. If you want a filigree-inspired design, that’s also possible. See here for more ideas.


The Map Invite

Destination weddings, look no further. Turn your wedding invitation into a map—of the state, the country, or the world—and indicate to your guests the city where your wedding takes place. Wedding themes centered on important things and events are getting popular in the industry, and map invites are one of the hottest trends.

You can do any kind of map you like. If you want to go the vintage route, using brown and yellowed paper are a must. If you’re looking for a budget option, consider using translucent vellum sheets. They’re versatile decoration-wise, cheap to buy in bulk, and perfect for vintage map invites.


The Mason-Jar Invite

If your wedding takes place in a barn, on a plantation, or down South, these country-inspired mason-jar invites are for you. Print your wedding details on a cute, rustic image of a mason jar. For added flair, tie a piece of twine around the rim.

Because mason jars are technically a container, they can have other uses. Instead of preparing a separate memento for guests, you can use it instead. You can also put something in there too, like chocolates, candies, and trail mix.


The Wood Invite

Another option for a country or rustic-inspired weddings is to print your invitation on a piece of wood. Wood is sturdier than paper, which ensures that your precious wedding invites will be treasured for a lifetime. You can use any type of wood that you like and have it custom printed.

You can choose to make it simple or as elaborate as you want. The beauty of using wood invites is that each guest will get a unique grain pattern every time. Wood is perfect for rustic and vintage-themed weddings.


It’s All Right to Be Extra

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. You and your future spouse are specialand your friends and loved ones know that your wedding will be just as unique as you are. So make sure that your guests know as soon as they open that envelope that this isn’t just another wedding. This is your wedding.


Do you have unique ideas for wedding invites? Share them below. 

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