5 Ways to Include the Mother of the Groom

In-laws can be a hard thing to navigate especially when planning a wedding. You want them to feel included but at the end of the day it is your wedding and they need to respect that. Brides have a tendency to shut out their future mother-in-law from the wedding planning process if they are encroaching too much. Here are 5 ways to include the mother of the groom without having to sacrifice things you want for your wedding day:

1. Invite her to come to dress fittings

This is the perfect way to make your FMIL feel included in not only the wedding planning but the wedding day as well. They will feel honored that you respect their opinion enough to bring them along. To avoid her falling in love with a dress you are not a fan of let her know what kind of style you are considering and what you want to stay away from before the fitting starts.

2. Add her to your Pinterest board

If you have not started a wedding Pinterest board now is the time! Not only is it the perfect way to collect and store ideas for decorations but it is a way to include others in your planning. By putting your board of private and adding only certain people it is a great way to make everyone feel included. If you have an overbearing FMIL that wants to plan everything and take over the decoration this is the perfect way to keep them in check and make them feel like their ideas are being heard without having to have everything they think of at the wedding.

3. Make an appointment to shop for her dress

A great way to make your FMIL feel included is to take time for just the two of you. The perfect way to do this is to make an appointment and take her dress shopping. This small gesture is sure to mean a lot to her. It will show her that you appreciate her and all she is doing for you and your husband-to-be. This is also a way to bond with and get to know your FMIL without the pressure of other people being around.

4. Ask for registry advice

In the end most FMIL just want to feel needed and included. A great way to make them feel needed is asking them about things they suggest to put on your registry. She has thrown more parties and has had way more experience in this department than you have had so take advantage of that and ask for her opinion. Not only will you be left with some amazing kitchen utensils but you will also have a very happy FMIL

5. Make sure your fiancé is including her as well

Keep in mind that your FMIL’s baby boy is getting married too so make sure you talk to him about including her in his planning as well. Have him invite her to fittings and make sure he is keeping her in the loop. This time they have together is really precious so having your fiancé and FMIL spend quality time together planning things will make all the difference.

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