6 Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Roses are red, violets are blue. We love flowers, how bout you? A bouquet of flowers is a must when walking down the aisle. And lately, we’ve been seeing tons of unique wedding bouquets. We’re seeing everything from airplants and succulents to DIY flowers from Coke cans. Yes, you can get as creative as you want with your arrangement – flowers or no flowers. Fold up your own origami flowers or bundle up some beautiful feathers. Check out these 6 alternative wedding bouquets for some ideas.

1. Air Plants & Succulents

Indoor plants like air plants and succulents make for a beautiful bouquet. They’re available all-year round and will last longer than any flowers.

Photo from Botanica Events

2. Origami Flowers

Origami flowers are so cute and whimsical. Instead of using regular ol’ white printer paper, opp for pretty floral print paper. Keep the origamis small so they’ll look more like flowers.

Photo from Wondrous Weddings

3. Pinwheel Fun

A summer outdoor wedding calls for pinwheels. Soft pastels are lovely but get the glittery pinwheels and they’ll sparkle in the wind!

Photo from Everything Weddings and More

4. Seashell Fan

And for the beach weddings, decorate your fan with your beach finds. Glue on your collection of seashells, just make sure you clean them first!

Photo from Wondrous Weddings

5. Marshmallow Bouquet

Yummy! A bouquet you can eat – marshmallows. For a fun backyard or carnival themed wedding, this is the perfect accessory to show off while walking down the aisle. Top it off with sprinkles and a cherry and you have the ultimate dessert.

Photo from Just Weddings

6. Coca Cola Cans

Get your creative juices flowing or just crack open a few cans of cola. Here’s a super crafty bouquet you can make from soda cans.

Photo from Kootation

Try a nontraditional bouquet for your wedding. Get crafty and make your own or buy your arrangement online. What other non-floral wedding bouquets have you seen?

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