6 Bold and Subtle Ways to Wear Your Something Blue

6 Bold and Subtle Ways to Wear Your Something Blue

We’ve all heard the rhyme: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Many brides follow the tradition of adding these good luck charms to their wedding outfit. It may be a little superstitious, but it can also be very fun! It’s easy to get creative with your something blue, and we have found 6 excellent ways for both the bold and subtle bride to incorporate something blue into her wedding day attire.

1. Wedding Shoes

Incorporating blue into your wedding shoes is a great way to wear your something blue; especially if you’re wearing a shorter wedding dress!

For the Subtle Bride

If you don’t want a completely blue shoe, try looking for shoes with a blue sole. For example, we have featured a pair of shoes from Betsy Johnson’s collection Blue. We picked these shoes for their beautiful embroidery and bridal cream color, but also for their unique turquoise sole.

For the Bold Bride

Go all in! Browse for formal, satin shoes made of completely blue fabric; bonus points if they have embellishment or detailing. We love these pale blue heels from Nordstrom. Not only are they a gorgeous blue color, but the crystal detailing and gauzy fabric give this shoe a lovely bridal look.


2. A Hair Piece

A hair accessory is always a great way to pull together your wedding outfit. Why not accessorize your hair with your something blue?

For the Subtle Bride

To keep your something blue delicate, we’d recommend a smaller accessory, like a hair pin or a fresh flower. The hair pin we chose to feature above is both! This pin can be found in the Etsy shop The Bobby Pin. We picked it for its elegance, simplicity, and modest amounts of blue.

For the Bold Bride

We recommend a larger accessory, such as a beaded headband or tiara. Maybe even a streak of dyed blue hair! The headband pictured above is from the Etsy shop Allure Wedding Jewelry. It’s glitzy, glamorous, and embellished with sapphire crystal. Perfect for a bride looking to make a statement.


3. A Sash or Bridal Belt

Many brides opt to dress up simpler gowns with a bridal belt or sash. If this is true for you, this may be a great opportunity to include your something blue.

For the Subtle Bride

We recommend choosing a belt or sash that is primarily a traditional color, but features blue embellishments or detailing. A good example of this is the David’s Bridal belt featured above. While the belt is primarily white and silver, the inclusion of the pale blue flowers offers a minute blue addition to the wedding outfit.

For the Bold Bride

For a real splash of color, try wearing an entirely blue bridal sash. We chose this one from Amazon for its beautiful blue ribbon and its eye-catching embellishment. A colored belt will really pop layered over a white gown.


4. Jewelry

Another great way to accessorize your wedding outfit is jewelry. Blue earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or even a broach would be an elegant way to add your something blue.

For the Subtle Bride

Try a thin bracelet with aquamarine, sapphire, or turquoise stones. Stud earrings with any of these gems would also be an understated and elegant choice for your bridal outfit. As an example we chose to feature this lovely sapphire bracelet from Macy’s. For a lower cost alternative, however, we recommend looking at blue crystal jewelry.

For the Bold Bride

Look for larger jewelry with elegant lines, such as drop earrings or pendant necklaces. As an example, we chose these large crystal drop earrings from Lord and Taylor. The crystals give the earrings a bridal look while also incorporating pale blue crystals.


5. Bridal Makeup

If you don’t want to add blue accessories to your outfit, try adding some blue to your makeup! Used well, blue makeup can be a beautiful way to incorporate your something blue.

For the subtle bride

For a more natural makeup look, try blue eye liner! Blue eye liner is a popular makeup trend, and can be found in a variety of different shades. Many women find that a turquoise liner really makes their eyes pop. If that is still a little too bold for you, you can also try a little sheer eye shadow applied to your crease or outer v.

For the bold bride

If bold makeup is more your style, try using blue eye shadow. For a dramatic makeup look, we recommend a smoky eye using a dark blue as one of your shades. Want something even bolder? Try blue lipstick!

6. Nail Polish

An ever popular way to add your something blue. Nail polish is low price, easy to apply, and classy. An excellent way to add your something blue.

For the Subtle Bride

If you don’t want your blue polish to be too visible, try polishing only your toenails; especially if you are wearing peep toe shoes or sandals! If you don’t want to commit to fully blue nails, you may also want to try applying blue polish as a French tip, limiting the blue even further.

For the Bold Bride

We recommend vibrant blue polish on your fingernails and/or toenails. You can dress up your mani-pedi even further by lengthening your fingernails or adding embellishments such as rhinestones, glittery polish, or nail art. Nail salons offer services for elaborate nails, but you can also find a wide variety of colors, embellishments, and acrylic nails at your local drug store.


We hope you have fun and get creative! As always, check out BravoBride for some amazing deals on good-as-new wedding items, including your something blue!

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