7 Creative Alternatives to Throwing Rice at Your Wedding

7 Creative Alternatives to Throwing Rice at Your Wedding

Throwing rice? Been there, done that. Reach on to see some unique, creative alternatives to throwing rice at your wedding.

1. Flower Petals

Dried, fresh, or silk, flower petals are a lovely and tasteful alternative to throwing rice. Although flower petals would be a great addition to any wedding, we think they would be especially beautiful at an outdoor, bohemian, or garden wedding. They are soft, lightweight, and colorful, making them a both a practical and beautiful feature to your going away.


2. Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Bubbles would not only make a lovely backdrop to your going away, but they would be so much fun for your guests. We love the idea of giving out small, personal bubble tubes to your guests to blow. They could also double as cute wedding favors.


3. Sparklers

Sparklers are so elegant and exciting! Especially in the evening, sparklers make for an amazing photography opportunity. And more importantly? They are just so beautiful! These would be a perfect compliment to a gold or silver wedding, or even just a wedding that takes place after dark.


4. Confetti

Colorful, festive, and cost effective, confetti is a great alternative to throwing rice. Not only is it cheap and easy to get for your wedding day, but it really captures the excitement and happiness of the celebration. We think confetti is a great addition to a wedding with a bright and colorful palette.


5. Inflatables

We love the idea of tossing inflatables at your going away! We say inflatables because it covers a broad range of fun items, including beach balls, balloons, and all kinds of inflatable party favors. Throw some beach balls at your beach wedding, or have your guests toss small balloons into the air as you pass. Inflatables are cute and fun, and can be a great addition to any wedding.


6. Pop-Its

Do you remember playing with these as a kid? These little fire crackers make a loud “pop” when they hit the ground, and can be a fun and unique way to celebrate your going away. The popping sound will add to the cheers as you make your way through your friends and family, and could be a wonderful alternative to throwing rice at any wedding.


7. Dried Herbs and Spices

Perhaps the most unique of our ideas, why not try using dried herbs or spices? Bay leaves, cardamom, cloves, star of anise, dried lavender, and cinnamon sticks would all be beautiful, rustic alternatives to rice. Plus? They’d smell amazing. These would be a great option for a rustic or outdoor wedding.

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