7 Great Stores for Mother of the Bride Accessories

7 Great Stores for Mother of the Bride Accessories

We spend a lot of time talking about the bride: her dress, shoes, jewelry, even her hair accessories! But the bride is not the only one who needs to gussy up for the big day. Check out these 7 stores to find some amazing mother of the bride outfits, shoes, jewelry, and more!

1. QVC

QVC is a great catch-all for mother of the bride accessories. Although they don’t have much in the way of clothing, they have a good selection of jewelry and makeup, and an amazing selection of shoes. Items on QVC are a little pricey, but they provide high quality items often at less than retail value with the added convenience of online shopping – a great find.


2. Macy’s

A classic department store, Macy’s provides everything a mother of the bride could need at affordable prices. Items at Macy’s tend to be lower quality than other stores on this list, but it is definitely a more frugal choice and their items are still elegant and fitting for the occasion. They also carry a wide selection of items, so if you aren’t sure what you want in your attire, it’s a great place to browse different styles and looks.



An off-shoot of Anthropologie, BHLDN has some absolutely gorgeous dresses, shoes, and accessories, but at higher prices. Their mother of the bride items are elegant and glamorous, and we love their jewelry. However, be warned that BHLDN tends to stick to one color palette for their entire collection. At the moment, they are featuring gold, rose, and cream tones. This makes it easy to put together an outfit from their collection, but more difficult to translate to external fashion items.


4. Francesca’s

Francesca’s provides some really unique, elegant jewelry at half the cost of other stores on this list. Although it is not the best place to shop for shoes or clothing appropriate to the occasion, the provide a wide range of tasteful and interesting jewelry items with a median price of about $20. This is partly because they don’t manufacture items that are made of precious metals or stones, so if you are looking for an investment piece, this may not be the store for you. However, if you’re more interested in jewelry that is both beautiful and low-priced, this may be the best place for you.


5. Nordstrom

Like Macy’s, Nordstrom also carries everything you could need. It is quite a bit pricier, but most items at Nordstrom are designer. If you are interested specifically in designer items, this may be the cheapest and most accessible option for the outfit you’re looking for. Nordstrom, too, has a wide selection of items, so it is also a great place to start looking at what’s available and thinking about the look you want.


6. Adrianna Papell

Adrianna Papell provides a wide range of luxe mother of the bride items. As Adrianna Papell focuses on wedding clothes, their entire site is dedicated to wedding-appropriate attire for every person in the wedding party: including the mother of the bride. They offer a wide variety of items that tend to be sparkly, satin, and absolutely glamorous, making them a great shopping stop for someone opting for a glitzy look.


7. Debenhams

Debenhams has a wide selection of chic mother of the bride looks at a moderate price. Although it is currently lacking in the jewelry and wrap department, we highly recommend Debenhams for shoes and unique, stylish mother of the bride outfits. They also have a great selection of hats and fascinators, which are excellent for English weddings.

Happy shopping! And as always, be on the lookout for good-as-new, discounted mother of the bride items at BravoBride!

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