7 Rustic Wedding Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

7 Rustic Wedding Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

Rustic wedding décor is all the rage, and we love burlap just as much as the next person. But we don’t only love burlap. Keep reading to see some beautiful rustic wedding décor you haven’t seen a billion times.

1. Flameless Candle Votives

Have you considered illuminating your wedding by candlelight? So have we. But real candles can be expensive, and your reception may last longer than the candles do. So why not try flameless candle votives? What we love about these votives is that they have the same aesthetic as real candles without the hassle or the fire risk. While these flicker like real candles, they are battery operated, and can last 120+ hours. The ones pictured above can be found on Amazon, and are particularly inexpensive.


2. Burlap and Lace Favor Bags

Okay, these are burlap. But what’s so unique about these favor bags is the beautiful lace layered over them. While the predictable burlap maintains the rustic aesthetic, the lace gives them a particularly bridal look, making them perfect for wedding favors. We could see these being filled with dried lavender, sweets, or other little gifts to show your appreciation.


3. Wedding Luminaries

Another unique lighting option! These luminaries feature a lovely cut-out of a heart and two doves, giving them a bridal aesthetic. However, the way the light filters through the simple white paper gives them a unique rustic look ­– especially in the dark. We could see these being a beautiful way to light up a path or make your tables glow.


4. Wooden Wedding Welcome Sign

While rickety posts and (again) burlap signs are distinctly rustic, it can come across as a little too unpolished. This sign is the solution. While it utilizes natural elements and textures, such as greenery and wood, the well-crafted script lends it sophistication absent in many rustic signs. This sign also comes in a variety of stains, and can be customized to say whatever you’d like. It customization and versatility makes it a great way to add unique décor to your wedding.


5. Wooden Wishes Box

We love this unique twist on the guestbook! The chicken wire on this box acts as a holding place for all of the well-wishes you will receive from your guests. This is not only a wonderful way to preserve some memories from the day, but a seamless addition to your rustic décor. The antique wooden frame and wiring give it a unique look, and we can see it being a great addition to any bride’s rustic wedding day.


6. Feathers

We’ve seen decorations completed with natural objects like twigs, flowers, greenery, stones ­– why not try decorating with feathers? We think feathers would make a great addition to rustic wedding décor, included in centerpieces, napkin holders, flower arrangements, and maybe even your hair! They are highly versatile, inexpensive, and a great way to personalize your décor.


7. Jute Twine

Our last suggestion is jute twine. Like feathers, twine has a lot of uses – from wrapping glasses to tying bags to hanging decorations, twine can accomplish a lot of your decoration goals while still giving off a rustic vibe. The little things really make a difference, and using twine for all your little things can really pull your décor together.


Happy decorating! And as always, check out BravoBride for some beautiful, second-hand rustic wedding ware.

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