7 Types of Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils are a timeless classic. If you’re getting married in a church or on the beach, it doesn’t matter! Veils work with any and every wedding theme. The perfect veil will make any bride look classy and put together. Just be sure to match your veil with your dress, jewelry, face shape, etc!

We have the 7 most popular veil types for every bride!

  1. Birdcage Veil

This is the best veil for the more vintage bride. This veil also works much better with more of an up-do hairstyle.



2. Blusher Veil

This veil is kind of like the birdcage but the veil is a little more sheer and can include some more lace or stones on it.


3. Juliet cap Veil

This Veil is perfect for the boho-chic kind of look. It is typically worn with hair down and will really make a statement when walking down the aisle.


4. Shoulder Length Veil

I personally really love this veil because it is still holding to the timeless tradition while also being very functional. This veil also allows you to wear your veil all night long because its so light and short!


5. Fingertip Veil

The fingertip veil is great because it still gives that “long” veil illusion while still being very functional and easy to move around in.



6. Chapel Veil

These veil’s are your classic, elegant, beautiful and timeless veil’s. This veil adds drama and fierceness to any bride coming down the aisle. Just remember that they are floor length and probably will need to be taken off at the reception.



7. Cathedral Veil

Now this is like the grand slam of wedding veils. These veils are always GORGEOUS. They are the longest type of wedding veil which means that they are also the most detailed (and undoubtedly the most expensive). Similar to the chapel veil, the cathedral veil will probably have to be removed for the reception.




Let’s not forget Kim K’s amazing Cathedral Wedding Veil…



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