7 Unique Alternatives to Wedding Veils

7 Unique Alternatives to Wedding Veils

For some women, veils are the perfect wedding accessory. They’re elegant, beautiful, and (of course!) bridal. However, they’re also quite traditional, and tradition is not for every bride. If you’re looking for something new for your bridal look, read on to see 7 unique alternatives to wearing a wedding veil.

1. Goddess Headband

This is definitely the most dramatic of our picks. A goddess headband is like a cross between a headband and a tiara, usually including a circlet that wraps around from the forehead to the back of the head and supported by a chain draped over a center part in your hair. These headpieces have a particularly elegant and regal aesthetic, somewhere between flapper and goddess. The one pictured above can be found on the Etsy shop Tatishotties.


2. Fresh Flowers

A bride can never go wrong with flowers. There a variety of beautiful ways to wear flowers for your wedding day, whether you wear one flower behind your ear, a few flowers tucked into your updo, or an entire flower crown. Flowers are always an excellent choice for weddings, and with so many different flower shapes, sizes, and colors, its is easy to get creative.


3. Fascinator

Super popular in England, fascinators are a fun and unique way to accessorize any formal outfit, but especially you wedding dress! Fascinators can be made of a number of materials, including fabric, netting, feathers, or crystals. The one pictured above is an elegant fascinator sold by The Feathered Head, and is made from organza, feathers, and pearls.


4. Hair Vine

Absolutely stunning, and the most versatile hair accessory ever! A hair vine is not a structured hair piece, but rather one long, embellished chain that can be worn a variety of ways in your hair. They can be draped over the crown of your head like a headband, woven into a braid, draped down the side of your head, wrapped around your forehead, or even rested on your head like a crown. With so many possibilities, it is easy to create a unique and beautiful hairstyle for your wedding day. The one featured above can be found online on Twigs and Honey, however, you can find one for 32% off here at BravoBride.


5. Hair Pins

If you are wearing an intricate updo for your wedding, bridal hair pins may be the accessory for you! Embellishing your hairstyle with bridal pins will give it a polished, sophisticated look. For bridal pins, we recommend something a little glitzy, such as crystal, pearls, or metals such as gold and silver. The ones pictured above can be found online at Brides and Hairpins. If you’re interested in silver hairpins, you can find some for 35% off here at BravoBride.


6. Forehead Band

Very 20s, and very chic! Forehead bands are a great compromise for a bride who likes tiaras, but doesn’t want to wear a crown on her wedding day. The one above is from David’s Bridal, and features crystal detailing. However, a forehead band would look just as bridal with beading, flowers, metals such as silver and gold instead.


7. Birdcage Veils

Okay, this one is cheating a little bit, but for good reason! If you like the idea of veils, but want something a little more unique, a birdcage veil may be the perfect compromise. Rather than one long piece of fabric, a birdcage veil is short and sweet, only covering a small part of your face. We especially love the chic, modern design of the veil above from Twigs and Honey. However, if you’re looking for a more retro look, try a birdcage veil made of netting rather than tulle.


Happy accessorizing! As always, check out BravoBride for unique wedding accessories at discounted prices.

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