8 Fall Color Palettes that Aren’t Just Orange

8 Fall Color Palettes that Aren’t Just Orange

So you’re planning a wedding in autumn. Maybe you love rustic fall weddings featuring burnished oranges, deep reds, and vibrant yellows. We do, too! There have been so many gorgeous weddings inspired by the nature and the turning leaves, and if those are the colors that inspire you, then we wish you well in your planning! You are sure to have a beautiful wedding.

However, orange, red, and yellow are not the only fall colors. There are so many wonderful autumnal colors, and if you’re looking for something different, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of 8 of our absolute favorite unique fall color palettes, and we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do!

1. Navy & Burgundy

This navy blue and burgundy palette is just like the poem by Robert Frost: lovely, dark, and deep. The way that these colors seem to be both dark and vibrant at the same time really speak to the essence of fall colors without calling on the yellows and oranges of turning leaves. Not to mention that they’re also super romantic ­– perfect for a fall wedding!


2. Grey & Gold

This color palette is so glitzy! Sparkling metallic colors are all the rage in the wedding world, and gold is a great substitute for vibrant leaf yellow. However, while these gold and yellow hues hark back to fall colors, the slate grey transitions the look from rustic to modern. This is a great color palette for the stylish couple.


3. Plum, Ocean, & Olive

This color palette is fresh and sophisticated. While the plum and burgundy colors give it a deep, fall look, the lighter hues keep it bright and brisk, making it a good compromise between moody autumn tones and cheerful bridal colors. This is a great palette for a bride looking for a more traditional color scheme with autumn accents.


4. Black, Green, & Gold

This is perhaps our moodiest color palette, but also one of our loveliest. The use of black and olive as your primary colors is definitely unique, and captures autumn colors in an unexpectedly beautiful way. This stunning palette is an excellent twist on the classic black and white wedding.


5. Blue, Red, & Green

This colors palette is so vibrant! The stormy blue, wine red, and sage green are decidedly autumnal colors. However, they seem to call more on autumn skies than autumn leaves, giving them a less rustic but equally naturalistic look. This palette is a great way to transition powder blue spring and summer weddings into fall and winter.


6. Cream & Beige

We love this seasonal twist on the classic white wedding! The antique whites and khaki browns keep the warmth of classic autumnal tones without any of their sullenness. This color palette is a wonderful way to keep your wedding colors bright and cheerful without looking towards oranges and yellows.


7. Copper & Sage

Green, but still autumnal! When we think of green weddings, we usually think of the spring and summer, but the muted sage green complimented by metallic copper makes this a beautiful color palette for a fall wedding. These fresh and unique colors are a beautiful nod to the season.


8. Teal & Gold

Classy and chic. While teal isn’t the first color to spring to mind when we think of the fall, it’s deep and vibrant hue makes it fit in perfectly with classic fall hues. It becomes especially autumnal when coupled with a dark gold and storm cloud grey. This palette would be a lovely choice for a fall wedding.


Happy planning! As always, make sure to check out BravoBride for gorgeous and good as new wedding items.

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