8 Perfect Treats for Your Wedding Dessert Bar

8 Perfect Treats for Your Wedding Dessert Bar

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Yes, cake is great. You love cake, we love cake, everyone loves cake – but cake isn’t the only awesome dessert out there! If you’re a dessert lover like we are, you understand how hard it is to choose between all of your favorite (and completely delicious) sweet, salty, crunchy, and creamy treats. The good news? You don’t have to!

Say hello to the dessert bar: a table for your wedding day loaded with bite-sizes of all of your favorite after-dinner goodies. You can put anything you’d like on your dessert bar, but if you’re looking for some sweet inspiration, read on to see some of our favorite dessert bar treats.

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1. Donut Holes

Donut walls are all the rage right now, but they’re a little big for a dessert bar. The solution? Donut holes! Donut holes can be ordered in any number of awesome flavors and are the perfect size for a dessert bar. You can serve them in a bowl with tongs, with toothpicks, or in a little cone as pictured above for easy snacking. If you would love to have donuts at your dessert bar, but are worried about their size, donut holes are a great compromise.


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2. Macarons

Ah, the macaron. So sweet, so elegant. The little finger cookies can come in a million different delicious flavors and beautiful colors. They’re also easy to decorate and have customized, making them a great choice for a theme wedding or a wedding with a unique color palette. Possibly the fanciest and prettiest cookies of all time, macarons are an excellent wedding treat.


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3. Cream Puffs

Who doesn’t like pasty and cream? Although they are a little less versatile than some of the treats on this list, they can still be gussied up with a stylish caramel drizzle or chocolate dip.  Cream puffs, too, are an amazing bite-size treat for your wedding bar.


4. Cake Pops

Who ever invented cake pops was an absolute genius. Like donuts holes, cake pops are the perfect miniature compromise between having a wedding cake and a dessert bar. Cake is delicious no matter how it’s shaped or sized, and cake pops are easy to customize for your wedding. Cake pops are another great crowd pleaser for your wedding bar.


5. Chocolate Dipped Treats

We love this idea because it is so versatile. There are tons of snacks that taste amazing dipped in chocolate: pretzels, cake, cookies, fruit, marshmallows, nuts, and even bacon or potato chips taste amazing with chocolate. You can offer pre-dipped treats, a fondue fountain, or even individual melted cups of chocolate to your guests at your dessert bar, customizing your experience as well as your treats. Chocolate dipped desserts are both a fun and unique way to serve your dessert.


6. Tartlets

Another fancy treat, tartlets are small, delicious, and sophisticated. While they’re a little more difficult to make your own, tartlets can be filled with a number of tasty desserts, such as custard and fresh fruit, caramel, chocolate, key lime or lemon pie fillings. With their small size and tasty flavors, tartlets are a wonderful addition to your dessert bar.


7. Cookies

Cookies are a classic finger food. Everyone loves cookies, and there are a ton of amazing cookie flavors to choose from. If you choose to serve a frosted cookie, you can also add custom decorations and colors, easily tying them in with your wedding them or color palette. For your wedding bar, you really can’t go wrong with cookies.


8. Fruit

Not only is fruit healthy, but it is always chic. Especially if the rest of your desserts are rich or heavy, fruit can help balance out the different flavors and sweets both at your table and on your guests’ plates. Whether it’s served with sugary dips or fancy cheese, fruit is a tasty and refreshing addition to a dessert table.


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