A Little Garnish for Your Wedding!

If you are like many, you delight in the garnish that comes when you receive your dish at a restaurant. Wondering how the chef was so creative that he knew that sprig would be the perfect “finishing touch” to your dish.

We stumbled upon ThinkGarnish.com where the ideas are flowing on how to take your wedding ideas and turn them into a fabulous reality! We only wish everything in life was this easy.

So let’s begin.

Your idea: Outdoor cocktail table that needs containers…
Mix it with their ideas and wah lah- you have a beverage box!

Your idea:
Favors on the table…
Wah lah! Geometric Paperboard Dish and Burlap Drawstring Favor Bag

handmade wedding favors

Your idea: Dress up the drinks…
Wah lah! Red and White Paper Straws!

Your idea: A baked goodie or fruit…
Wah lah! The perfect berry or bread box and don’t forget the twine.

Your idea: Bring wine as an engagement party gift.
Wah lah! You’ll have a fabulous wine box to present it in.

So if you are finding yourself full of ideas and just need the perfect product to make it happen, type in ThinkGarnish.com!

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