Airplane Wedding

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Jetsetters, here’s something you’ll love! Whether your hubby-to-be is a pilot or you both love to travel, an airplane wedding is a unique wedding theme (and a good excuse to wear sunglasses). You’ll have fun strutting down a long airplane runway and posing in front of big jets. Get ready because we’re propelling you to a sky full of wedding ideas!


1. Vintage Invitations

Send out vintage-inspired invitations to get your guests excited about your theme. You could even make your own plane-ticket inspired invitations!

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2. Airplane Hangar

Set your wedding in any venue, but for an authentic touch, we like airplane hangars and aviation museums.

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3. “Pilot Notes” Guestbook

For a fun alternative to the traditional guestbook, have your guests sign a pilot’s notebook, laid out on top of cool aerial maps.

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4. Classic American

Think “Classic American” when planning wedding decorations. Red, white, and blue; the American flag; and Coca Cola are all great ideas.

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5. Luxury & Elegance

Of course, if your wedding’s already set at an airplane hangar, just deck out the tables. Crystal glasses, beautiful silverware, and gorgeous flowers makes an elegant wedding.

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6. Art Deco Cake

Although a plane-decorated cake would be fun, an art-deco cake is even better. Totally on-trend with the “Great Gatsby” craze, and we see why!

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For a wedding theme for the pilots and travel lovers, go for a ride on the airplane-themed wedding. Take the trendy vintage “Classic American” route or take a detour for luxury and elegance. Any way you go, it’s all about enjoying your wedding!

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