Alice in Wonderland Wedding

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“Curiouser and curiouser!” Follow us down the rabbit hole to a fantasy land of interesting creatures and amazing illusions. The popular tale of “Alice in Wonderland” is a delightful wedding theme sure to tickle everyone’s senses. Warped signs, mismatched decor, and wacky designs are all part of the fun! There’s no time to waste. Come along and see!

1. Down the Rabbit Hole

Post up wedding signs that read “Down the Rabbit Hole”, “This Way” and “Wrong Way” to lead your guests to the right direction. Warped text and vintage signs look best.

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2. Table Signs

Doorknobs make cute table signs. Open a dozen doors to find the talking doorknob!

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3. Tea Time

What time is tea time? It’s always time for tea! A mismatch of tea cups and wedding decor is perfect for a wacky Mad Hatter tea party!

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4. Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids in black and pink tutus is adorbs! Reminds us of rabbits and Alice’s sweet dress.

Photo from Oh Darling Days

5. Cool Photos

Deck out your photobooth with a cool illusion. Flying playing cards set in a beautiful garden does just that!

Photo from Rock n Roll Bride

6. Wedding Cake

Here’s the sweetest themed wedding cake! It has all the fun details from “Alice in Wonderland” including the key, the teacup, the rabbit, and the clock.

Photo from Kara Party Ideas

The adventures await as you plan your “Alice in Wonderland” wedding. You and your guests will be awed by the cheerful decor and amusing sights of this unique wedding theme. Wacky signs and mismatched tea cups are simple and easy to find. Just add some clocks, rabbits and playing cards to pull the theme together. How would you throw an “Alice in Wonderland” wedding?

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