Altering Before the Altar

Almost every bride will eventually have to face the decision of having to have their wedding dress altered before the big day. But knowing exactly what to do and where to go can be a stressful situation. Here at BravoBride, we have the how-to on wedding dress alterations.

Photo Credit: Burnett's Boards

Photo Credit: Burnett’s Boards

When To Do It:

Timing is everything in the world of alterations. If you bring your gown in too early, you run the risk of gaining or losing weight before your big day. If you bring your gown in too late, you run the risk of not having your dress ready before you walk down the aisle. Brides typically bring their gown in two to three months before their wedding date to allow enough time for alterations to be made properly. You must also keep in mind how many times you may need to go in for fittings, on average, brides will go in for fittings two or three times.

Who To Go To:

Almost all wedding dress shops will offer their own in house alteration services. If you bought your gown used or bought a sample, bringing your gown into a trusted alteration shop is a must. Call a few different places before deciding on who to go to, or ask a few recently married friends for their advice! Chances are if they were happy with their gown, their alteration specialist will make you just as happy.

Necessary Items:

When bringing in your gown for alterations, it is absolutely necessary to bring in all pieces of your wedding gown. Wearing the shoes you plan to wear on your big day during your alteration fitting is essential for getting the length right. Belts or other accessories will help your specialist understand exactly how you want your dress to fit and what you envision it looking like.

Who To Bring:

Bringing your entire wedding party is not necessary. Usually having one other set of eyes to judge the alterations is enough. Bringing your mother or another trusted figure is a good idea. You may also want to consider bringing your maid of honor with you so that she will know exactly how to get you in your dress and how to fasten your bustle for the reception.

When it comes to alterations, allowing more time that necessary is always a good idea. Keep in mind that the more changes you want done to your gown means more time and money being put into it as well.

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