Alternative Ring Bearer Pillows!

We hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! Today our latest fab find is alternative ring bearer pillows. Every bride and groom has different tastes, wants, and styles. These wants and decisions should not stop at the Ring Bearer Pillow! So many couples are switching it up from the traditional satin or lace pillow, and are now moving towards decorative boxes, pillows shaped like states, personalized glass cases, and much more!

Here are some of our latest fabulous finds on ring bearer pillows.

Flower Pillow: perfect for the more bohemian themed wedding.

Engraved Wedding boxes: these beautiful boxes are perfect for the more classic wedding.

Glass boxes: these boxes are so classy and beautiful. They can be engraved, filed with flowers, have a mini pillows, or whatever the couple wants! These really let the couple’s style shine.

Rustic Boxes: obviously these are perfect for more rustic themed weddings. They are also super easy to turn into a DIY project.


No matter what you choose, your ring bearer is going to look adorable coming down that aisle!


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