An Easy Way to Make Your More Wedding Green!

Every little bit we can do to make the environment a better place is helpful, whether it’s recycling, biking to work instead of driving or even cutting down on the amount of disposable products we use. That why when I met Jennifer and Toni of Red Fish Blue Fish Photography, I loved that they were helping make weddings more ‘green’. What does that mean exactly? Well, by just providing the digital images from your wedding, their services minimize the use of toxic chemicals and paper…so you can love the earth as much as you love each other. Their packages include two photographers, 500+ images on CD and online hosting, plus a carbon credit offset from Terrapass for your wedding day. Here’s to the start of a good life together and a great environment!


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One Response to “An Easy Way to Make Your More Wedding Green!”

  1. Kate says:

    Red Fish Blue Fish Photography and other green photographers might be interested in the free green bride guide association on wedding wire. It is an easy way to distinguish your company as green and allows couples to find your quickly.

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