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Hellooooo sun! Now that it’s officially summer and the weather’s nice, we’re all for outdoor weddings. One outdoor wedding location that’s available all year long, that doesn’t require advance reservations, or even a rental fee (if you own one), is your backyard. Everything’s there – your friends and family, a kitchen, restrooms, lodging, and even your closet. Decorating is a piece of cake if you use some things out of your own home. Here are some ideas for your backyard wedding:


1. Vanity Table

Use some of your furniture to decorate your backyard! A vanity table is the perfect place to have guests check-in or write special notes to you.

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2. Dining Table

A beautiful dining table is wonderful for spreading out snacks and refreshments. Stick to the vintage theme with pretzels and hard candies, or flavor it with your own tastes like your favorite coffees or fresh fruit.

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3. Colored Glass Bottles

Colored glass bottles are easy to be found if your fridge is stocked with good drinks, or your friend may have a collection. They make great table decorations as-is, for holding flowers, or even as a decanter (see our last post here).

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4. Ribbon Flowers

If you’re looking to add more color to your yard, try ribbons. Tie colored ribbon to your bushes, trees, and other plants for some faux flowers.

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5. Flower Cake

Add elements of your backyard to your wedding cake. Pick flowers from your yard to decorate your cake.

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6. Mr. & Mrs. Seating

An important party-planning tip we always hear – have fewer seats than guests so everyone will mingle. Though make sure you save yourselves seats with designated “Mr. & Mrs.” chairs.

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7. Dance Floor

Pretty wedding shoes are made for dancing! Set up a dance floor in your yard so you can share your first dance together.

Photo from Rustic Wedding Chic

Enjoy the summer and have your outdoor wedding in your own backyard. You have the decorations you need from your home such as your vanity table and dining table. Then add in some special touches like ribbon flowers and a nice dance floor, and you’ve got yourself an amazing wedding location. How would you decorate your backyard wedding?

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