Balloons Aren’t Just for Birthdays

Wedding and balloons – when I put the two together, an image (much like below) crosses my mind.

Quick! Erase that image and continue to read on.

Balloons really are back. They are either clustered in multiples to create fabulous props for photo shoots or grand in size to accentuate the moment. However used, the balloons we chose to preview add style, romance and whimsy to that special day. Here are some ideas in hopes that you may be able to shake the “tacky balloon” myth of past.

Wow, now these are the kinda balloons that I love! Extra-large 36” in diameter with flowing tassels and style galore. Geronimo makes some of the best balloon designs yet. The detail on the string with the frills and pom poms takes these balloons over the top!

wedding balloons
Love this Balloon Photo Chandelier! It’s a DIY idea from This would be wonderful at the rehearsal dinner or at a bridal shower. What a great way to tell your story, a memory bank for you and your friends to look at and enjoy through the night.

letter balloonsImage via Avery House.

These letter and number balloons are not for the kid party next door but for the “glam” factor in your wedding backdrop, or the”wow” in your Save the Date Card. Very cool and stylish. You can find them at this Etsy shop.

unique wedding decorations
Okay, so technically these are not real balloons but actual hand-blown glass decorative wall hangings. They are so hip I just had to add them in. How cool would they be used in a wedding or engagement photo shoot! Adore that they are forever.

Image via Vantage Pictures.

If someone had said sparkly lights and balloons this is not what I would have pictured. This is absolutely stylish and chic! Love how it draws the eye up to fun and color in such a traditional tent setting.

unique wedding cake toppersImage by Ryan Price.

Sweet and adorable why not carry the balloon theme onto the cake. This is a fabulous cake topper perfect for a treat table.

martha stewart wedding ideasImages via Martha Stewart

If Martha Stewart is featuring it as a trend then you know it is going to be around for a while. This gorgeous table setting from Martha shows how beautiful light and airy colored balloons create an elegant setting. We also love them for bride and groom photo props!

Photo by Brittany Esther.

Lastly, clusters of balloons high and low to create the perfect props that capture this brilliant and artistic engagment photo by Brittany Esther. Balloons have definitely made a comeback and we love it!

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