Band versus DJ? The Pro’s and Con’s to both!


Having a Band versus DJ is one of the biggest wedding debates. The music is what brings together the wedding reception. It gets people excited and energetic and ready to dance! Getting people out of their seats and onto the dance floor will instantly make your reception more entertaining and fun for your guests. Not to mention, the DJ or Band will be creating those special father/daughter and mother/son dances. Essentially the music is what can make or break a wedding reception.

First up the DJ!


The Pro’s for having a DJ are…

  1. A DJ can provide a variety of songs and different genres.
  2. Typically a DJ is less money than having a multi-piece band.
  3. The Fluidity of a DJ keeps the Party going!
  4. Can work in small spaces

The Con’s for having a DJ are…

  1. A bad DJ can ruin the vibes of the night
  2. If you pick the wrong DJ they can play the wrong music or play inappropriate music

Next…the Band!



The Pro’s for having a Band are…

  1. It is much more of presence in the room of the reception
  2. People who don’t normally dance will be entertained by the band playing
  3. Typically a band brings more dram to the room and creates a better atmosphere

The Con’s for having a Band are…

  1. More expensive than a DJ
  2. Bands generally stick to only one genre which can be a problem for some people
  3. Bands take up much more space than a DJ would


Whichever option you choose you should definitely see your artist(s) play in a different venue before booking them.  That way if you are choosing between a DJ or a live band you can see them both and make the best decision for you!


Band versus DJ? Which do you generally prefer?  Comment and Share below!

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