Bar Ideas for Your Reception

Photo Credit: The Robertson's

Photo Credit: The Robertson’s

Just because you’re having a reception doesn’t mean that you have to have the same boring drink options that are offered at most weddings. Here at BravoBride, we made a list of a few of our favorite unique bar ideas for your reception.

1. Mimosa Bar

If you and your husband want to opt for a fruiter alternative to beer and wine, create a mimosa bar at your reception instead! This is a fun and different way to offer cold, mixed drinks to your guests. Offering different fruit juices is another great way to spice this bar idea up.

2. Sangria Bar

Offering a Sangria bar is a great way to include wine at your reception for your guests. It’s an easy way to put a summer spin on wine without losing all of its great qualities. Offering different fruit toppings and garnishes is another easy to let your guests fully customize their drinks.

3. Root Beer Float Bar

Offering a Root Beer Float bar is a great way to include children in on the fun. Offering a variety of different soda’s is another way to let children customize their own drinks. Who could be sad with free ice cream at a reception?

4. Beer Bar

Offering a full self service beer bar at a reception is a nice way to let people drink the bride and groom’s favorite types of beer. Offering two or three different brews is an easy way to make anyone happy.

5. Tequila Bar

If your guy or any of your wedding party is into Tequila, offering a Tequila bar stocked with shot glasses, limes, and salt is a great way to add a little fun to your reception.

Taking a few extra days to think of a different bar scene for your reception is any easy way to spice up the night and make your wedding one your friends and families will remember forever.

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