Beautiful Flower Girl Dress Ideas!


Flower Girls are always the cutest and most adorable part of any wedding. Of course all of your guests will be most excited about seeing the bride, but the flower girl is always very cute! Not only are they a nice “awwww” moment addition, they also play a very important role. Flower girls traditionally throw rose petals or flower petals along the aisle right before the bride makes her big entrance!



If you’re not interested in flowers on your aisle, flower girls can really carry whatever you want them to! They can throw confetti, sparkles, hold signs, hold bouquets, really anything!


While choosing your flower girls dress remember that it needs to be comfortable for your little gal. If it isn’t, she will definitely make it known that she doesn’t like it. Have her try it on a couple times before the wedding so she can get used to wearing the dress. If you do want to do flower petals, I would also let her practice walking down the aisle before the ceremony. You could even give her a basket to practice with.



No matter what you choose for your flower girl, she will undoubtedly be so adorable and the perfect addition to your wedding day!

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Love these dresses? Comment your flower girl ideas and dresses below!


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