Beautiful Unity Sand Set


The Unity Sand Ceremony is something more and more couples are adding to their Wedding day each year. This ceremony is what has recently “replaced” the unity candle ceremony that many couples have done in the past. The sand ceremony is beautiful because it is a representation of 2 beings, 2 lives, and 2 souls coming together as one.b6d42fdc9955b7ff4e076885cbb7a69d

While both the groom and the bride pour the sand together, this new swirl of sand is a representation of their marriage. As hard as it would be to separate all that sand, is how hard it would be to separate their marriage! Typically this ceremony is done after the couple has exchanged rings and vows. It is such a beautiful way to wrap up the ceremony!


This sand version is so much better than a unity candle because it is not phased by the wind, so it can work for outdoor weddings. The also are a bit more visual for all of your guests to enjoy. The sand set is also a beautiful souvenir for the couple to take home after the big day! (Don’t forget you can use whatever colors or cases you want)

Here are some beautiful Unity Sand Sets!





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