Beautiful Wedding Table Setting Ideas!

Receptions are arguably the most fun part of the wedding to plan. However most of the decorating for the reception goes into the table setting! The wedding table setting helps determine the theme, color scheme, vibe, and so on. We’ve found some amazing table settings that are great examples of what you should be aiming for!

Don’t forget that when planning out your perfect table setting you need a couple things. First you need to pick the best table setting that can be either a main color or a subtle background color. Next you need place cards so people know where they are going to sit (table cards work fine too)! Most importantly, we have the centerpiece. The centerpiece can be flower bouquets, mason jars, diamonds, literally anything you want! This will be the center of the table and the focus point for your guests. Lastly, you will need the correct linens and chairs. No need to buy expensive linens if your decorations are on point. Chairs can be plain white with a cute bow, rustic with nice lace, or whatever you feel works best! Just make sure they fit your theme. Always remember that all your tables don’t have to be exactly alike! Mix and match and have some fun with it!

Check out these amazing wedding table settings for some serious inspiration!











Which wedding table setting do you love the most? Comment and share below!

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