What are the Benefits of a Bride to Bride Sale?

Looking for the perfect wedding dress can seem like an impossible challenge. There are so many ways to find that perfect dress that it can often feel overwhelming. Whether you buy from a boutique, online, or from a used dress shop you will find that perfect dress, it may just take some looking. One great way to buy your dress is straight from another bride. This eliminates so many problems and comes with so many perks that many brides forget or don’t know about. Here are five reasons why you should highly consider buying your dress straight from another bride!

  1. Fees and added Taxes

If you are looking to get your dress for as cheap as possible, and cut as many corners as possible this is a great way for you to get your dress. By buying straight from another bride you will pay her directly thus bypass any fees or added taxes! This way you will get the dress you love along without all the extra costs. No one likes fees and added taxes even if it is going towards a wedding dress you love.

2. No Middle Man

Buying your wedding dress can be a really frustrating process, especially if you are buying it from a huge seller. Often times there are many hoops that you have to jump though and it ends up being such a hassle. If you opt out the the big buyer and buy directly though another bride you avoid the middle man. You won’t have to deal with worrying about not being able to get in contact with the seller or having the wrong dress show up! This way you can have the dress you have always dreamed of without the added hassle.

3. Ensured Quality

If you are buying straight from another bride you can be more confident in the quality of the dress you are buying. If you buy your dress online there is a chance that when it arrives it doesn’t fit right and it not the quality you hoped for, but if you buy straight from another bride you can avoid all of this. By buying straight from another bride you can be sure that the dress is good quality, because they themselves wore it at their wedding! Also because you are in direct contact with her you are able to ask more questions about sizing to ensure that the dress will fit like a glove!

4. Price, Price, Price

One of the biggest perks of buying straight from another bride is the cost. The dress will be cheaper then if you bought it from the designer itself. You will be paying the used price of the dress which allows you to budget more money to other things in your wedding. Also most wedding dress are in perfect if not almost perfect shape when they are resold. Think about it, they were only worn once for a few hours so why not opt for a used dress. By cutting down the cost of your dress you are able to allocate that money to other things like inviting more people to your wedding!

5. The Meaning Behind It All

Some brides believe that the best thing about buying a dress straight from another bride is the story behind it all. That dress was worn on the most special day of that brides life and you get a chance to share in that experience as well as add too it. That dress is packed full of special memories that you now get to wear. There is nothing more special than that. You will have the privilege of knowing the story behind your dress.

In the end you will find your dream dress. Try not to focus on the labels and consider buying from another bride. It will be way more of a personal experience then if you were to go to a big dress supplier. You can even bring those who you would have invited with you to look at dresses to come pick up the dress with you! This way not only will some of your friends and family get to experience this with you but they will also get to meet the bride that the dress is coming from.

Every dress has a story whether you are the first to write it or you are simply continuing the story. Though there is nothing more special than multiple brides writing a story of memories held together by one dress.

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