Boardwalk Wedding

Photo from Interviews by Crash Taylor

It’s always nice to stroll along the boardwalk, feel the fresh cool breeze, and hear your footsteps beneath you. So we thought it’d be such a fun idea for a wedding. Imagine it, the boardwalk is where you met your first crush, it’s where you had your first kiss, and now it’s where you’ll say “I do.”  Boardwalks come in all shapes and sizes, from the little boardwalk at the lake to the big boardwalk along the beach shore. You can definitely have a dream boardwalk wedding. Take a look at these photos for some inspiration.

1. Jersey Shore

Get cheered on and offered beer and pizza as you walk down Seaside Heights, aka the “Jersey Shore” boardwalk. We like that you can play games and hop on the carnival rides after your ceremony.

Photo from John O'Boyle

2. Ocean View

A front-row seat along the ocean is all the decorations you need for this wedding. The ocean view will take everyone’s breath away.

Photo from Modern Destination Weddings

3. Sandy Beach

A beautiful beach wedding is only complete with a boardwalk aisle. Set-up your own aisle with a roll-out boardwalk.

Photo from Wedding Window

4. Tranquil Lake

For a peaceful wedding away from the chaotic city, take it to the lake.

Photo from NJ Wedding

5. String of Lights

An evening on the boardwalk is so lovely on a clear summer night with the street lights glowing.

Photo from Magical Day Weddings

6. Under the Boardwalk

How fun is this? Right after the ceremony, enjoy your reception under the boardwalk. Decorate the table with beach finds like seashells and driftwood.

Photo from Festival Brides

7. Rainbow Sherbet

For a fun color palette, try rainbow sherbet. Spread out treats like taffy, ice cream, and cotton candy. You can even rent a photobooth for a day for a true boardwalk experience!

Photo from La Fleur Vintage

8. Swanky Lounge

With the right decor, you can have a classy boardwalk wedding. Set up a swanky lounge bar under a huge tent and chandelier.

Photo from Biz Bash

Instead of a white aisle, stroll down the boardwalk. It’s a fun setting for a wedding ceremony and reception. Take it to the Jersey shore or keep it at a tranquil lake. A boardwalk can easily be set-up with a roll-out boardwalk. What do you think of a boardwalk wedding?

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