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Planning a wedding can be time consuming and challenging, especially on a tight budget. Many brides find ways to save money and time by doing things themselves. This DIY Bride Guide will help you navigate those waters and make the experience more fun! This week we are talking about creating your own centerpieces. Because they are the focal point on each table, centerpieces can feel like the most important aspect when trying to design your big day. Between style and budget, it can be difficult to make things “just perfect.”

Here are some tips when putting together centerpieces:

1. Less is More

Mirrors, hurricane vases, flowers, sand… it can all be a bit much. Making things simple not only saves money, but if you’re setting up the centerpieces yourself it makes it easier too. Also, remember that these arrangements are going in the center of the table. If they are over the top, they can block views for your guests and photographer.

Stick to the rule of 3 on this one. If your going to have a vase with flowers, put it over a mirror. If your going to do bowls of floating candles surround it with flower petals. Check out these gorgeous milk glass vases that would be perfect for a DIY bride.

Get creative, go re-usable

What are you going to do with 150 lightly used glass votives or 15 blue table runners? Before you purchase brand new items, search the Internet, wedding forums and BravoBride for gently used wedding decorations. You’re going green, and saving money! If you’re really on a tight budget, try using jars for candles, and inexpensive bowls for flowers.

Call Ahead

If you are going to buy new or used, make sure you speak to someone and they know how many of whatever it is, you need. This is very important at a large arts and crafts store. They can put aside boxes of glassware for you, which will also make it easier to transport.

Creating centerpieces and decorating your wedding can be fun and simple just remember to be practical. Have any tips for DIY decorations? Let us know!

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2 Responses to “BravoBride DIY Bride Guide – Centerpieces”

  1. Emily says:

    Great tips. The internet opens a whole new avenue for the diy bride looking for accessories for decorating her wedding.

  2. Aprilette says:

    Hey these are awesome tips. I always wanted some good advice on how to go about with my centerpiece. I will definitely bookmark this page for future reference!

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