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Flowers are very beautiful but they also cost a pretty penny when you are decorating an entire wedding reception. Many brides decide to break out their creative side in order to save some cash. Here is an example of one bride’s way of saving money and still having vibrant centerpieces at her fall wedding.

If you don't want to only use silk flowers, you can mix in real ones too.

To begin, choose an assortment of different flowers, greens and fillers that fit the theme and color scheme of your wedding. This bunch of artificial floral and fauna came from Michael’s Craft and cost approximately $42. Best of all, you can resell these do it yourself wedding centerpieces after the wedding.

For this bride’s wedding, she has a garden oriented theme and the main color she chose was navy. She picked a variety of cool colored flowers that are less traditional and has decided to use peacock feathers to compliment them.

To add a slash of vintage flare she is using mason jars instead of vases. This blue glass jar came from an antique store and cost only $4. You can also find used mason jars on BravoBride.

Other supplies that will be needed are scissors and wire cutters.

Begin by cutting down the stems to the approximate desired height. Hold the stem next to the vessel you will be placing them in. the initial cut to the stems should have all blossoms standing a minimum of 4 inches above the top of the vase/jar/etc.

At this point you need to decide whether or not you want the arrangement be round or to have a distinct front and back. Add stems with large blooms first. Adjust position and height to desired location. Shorten stems as needed.

Once large blossoms are in place, add smaller floral fillers.

Lastly, add green fillers and any other elements you desire such as peacock feathers, sticks and artificial ferns.

We would like to give a huge thanks to bride-to-be Samantha Prudhon for sharing her ideas and designs with us and wish her the best wish her the best in all her wedding preparations.

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