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This week’s project are twine bottle table decorations for the DIY Bride

These beautiful twine bottles are great centerpieces.  They can be used as flower vases as well as table numbers. We do not recommend using them as candle holders or placing them near an open flame. These vases can easily be reused as decorations or design elements in the home.  Supplies are inexpensive-aside from empty wine bottles, there are only five elements to purchase that shouldn’t cost anymore than fifteen dollars. You can save money by reusing old wine bottles.

What you need:


  • Brown Sisal Twine, preferably a thick gauge,  or two-ply
  • Empty, clean wine bottles
  • Scissors
  • Outdoor Mod Podge


  • Paper
  • Ribbon


As dirt can cause the glue to not adhere as effectively,  we recommend first cleaning any old wine bottles and letting them dry. We also encourage you to use outdoor Mod Podge for its strength and durability.  However, if you prefer another craft glue, go for it!

First, glue the end of the twine role to the inside lip of the wine bottles and let it dry. This will make the sisal easier to control.
After it is dried and attached, coat the first inch of the wine bottle with mod podge glue, using your paintbrushes. Don’t be afraid to go on thick, as the glue will dry clear.

Now slowly wrap the twine around that one inch of glue. You may have to press it tight for a few sections to ensure a strong bond. If you are afraid of getting your hands dirty, take a strip of wax paper to pat down the sections. We recommend continuing down the bottle about one inch at a time. This ensures that things don’t get messy as well as a clean finish. Depending on the size and diameter of the bottle, you may use anywhere between half a roll of thick twine to more than two rolls.

Take extreme care around the tapered section of the bottle. Because we start from the top there should not be as much scrunching and the rope should be taut. If you do not like the look of the twine coming out of the lip of the bottle, only glue a small piece inside, and do not continuing using glue until you’re past the lip.

When the project is dry, use a small pair of fabric scissors to trim as needed. To finish off the twine on the bottle, at about 1/8″ from the bottom, prepare by cutting an extra about 6″ of twine. Wrap the final piece and tuck the ending underneath and seal off with Mod Podge.

This should take about 1 day to dry. We recommend storing the bottles in a dry, warm place.


Since we love funky paper labels, we’ll let you in an a secret on where to find inexpensive cool paper. Try the scrap-booking section of your local arts and crafts store. Scrap-booking paper is very durable and comes in a variety of designs. It also often costs less than 50 cents a sheet. When writing on it, we suggest using a paint marker rather than a Sharpie because ink can smear easily and often do not dry completely.

After you have cut your paper label to the size of your choice, use a hole punch to punch two holes in it.

Lastly, string it through the label. By using two holes you can ensure the label does not easily move around.

You’ll have a beautiful, affordable and functional wedding decoration

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