BravoBride Guide Presents DIY Tips from ‘I Do’ It Yourself Wedding Blog

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This week we talked to the lovely Jenn from ‘I do’ It Yourself wedding blog (@Ido_Ityourself on twitter) for some great DIY for planning a wedding! This Australian-based blog has fun ideas for weddings across the globe!

How did you start the blog?

I started the actual ‘I do’ it yourself blog just over a year ago as I began to put together my own wedding. I was engaged for over seven years so I’d had plenty of time to think about things and I was really surprised to see just how few DIY resources were out when I began. There was a lot of interest in my first few posts, so with over 10 years experience in the magazine industry I decided to move into digital media and start the blog.

What is one thing brides think they need, but they really don’t?

I think the one thing brides ‘think’ they need but probably don’t is perfection. Its easy when you look at wedding websites and see all these AMAZINGLY styled weddings to forget what its really all about – its about two people who are in love. The whole point of a DIY wedding is to put your stamp, your special touch to the day and enjoy the whole process of doing it. So have fun.

What are some key tips for the DIY Bride from ‘I do’ It Yourself:

  1. Stick to what you’re good at and be realistic with what your going to DIY. If you’ve never done something before do a test run.
  2. Enlist help and get your friends involved with your DIY projects.
  3. Make a list of everything you plan to DIY for your wedding, then look at the timing. You don’t want to be up assembling and gluing at midnight before the wedding!
  4. And most importantly – have fun!

Here is an example of one of the many fun DIY projects and ideas at the ‘I do’ It Yourself Blog:

“Fastfood takeout lovers, don’t throw that drink caddy from last night just yet! Check out this fab DIY re-use of kraft drink carriers (from Sonic!) by Dandee Designs. Great as gifts to friends or as eco-chic centerpieces for your next party (use them to decorate your tables then share with guests afterwards as favors). And that awesome “HELLO” banner? Why it’s a free download to boot! Click here for full instructions.

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