Brides from Around the World!

Since the Olympics are coming up this summer, we thought it would be fun to recognize brides from many different countries. Obviously, other countries have very different bridal traditions than the United States. So, we decided to come up with a list of different brides from around the world.

1.  China

Chinese Brides typically are dressed in a traditional red qipao. However it is becoming increasingly popular for brides to wear multiple dresses including the red qipao as well as a white western dress.

2. Vietnam

In Vietnam it is also very common to wear multiple dresses, usually it consists of 1 white modern dress and one traditional vietnamese dress called an Ao Dai.

3. India

Indian brides wear a wedding sari which is traditionally red or gold with very detailed embroidery. The sari fabric is traditionally silk but there are many different types. Indian women also usually have very detailed and gorgeous makeup.

4. Ukraine

Ukrainian women usually wear a crown made of myrtle or periwinkle.

5. Morocco

In Morocco, brides typically wear a white wedding kaftan, which is pretty well known in many arab cultures.


Which style do you like best?

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