Bridesmaid Dress Trends to try this Summer

Photo Credit: TaylorLord

Photo Credit: TaylorLord

During the summer months, wedding themes are easy to come by and help make your big day as unique as your marriage. Transferring your theme onto your wedding attire helps to add charm and personality to your wedding party. The following are five of our favorite bridesmaid dress trends for this summer.

Same Color Family, Different Hues:

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By allowing your bridesmaids to choose different color hues within the same color family, you are able to maintain a unified look, while also keeping each of your bridesmaids happy in the color that suits their skin tone best. Different, yet similar, colors adds a touch of uniqueness to your big day without looking mismatched. If choosing to use different colors within the same color family, having your bridesmaids wear the same style dress helps your wedding party look coordinated while standing together at the alter.



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Lace bridesmaid dresses have quickly become one of the most popular wedding attire trends of this season. Lace is an easy way to add a classic flare to your big day, while also incorporating a fashion forward take on the trend. Lace dresses also offer a timeless aspect to your big day.

Mix and Match:


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Having bridesmaids that all live in different cities or states makes coordinating bridesmaids dresses difficult. Giving your bridal party simple guidelines for dress length, style, and color allows each bridesmaid to incorporate their own personal style to your big day, while not only matching in a unique way with the rest of the party. Giving your bridesmaids the freedom to choose their own dress will encourage everyone standing at the alter to feel their most comfortable and their best.

Same Color, Different Styles:


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Choosing the same hue for all bridesmaids dresses will avoid having a single dress stick out in the group if they weren’t able to match the others perfectly. Many brands offer different styles of dresses in the same hue, making it easy to add variation to the dresses but keeping the unified look of the group.

Patterns and Florals:


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Patterns and florals are one of the most daring trends to try this summer. Giving your bridesmaids the freedom to experiment with different fabrics, colors, and patters has the potential to look beautiful, but is also a huge risk. Setting guidelines on dress length and neckline will give your bridesmaids enough direction to purchase dresses that are similar in shape while still allowing them to add their personality to their dress for your big day. Subtle floral lace patterns look best next to floral dresses, different floral patterned dresses are also a charming way to mix up your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Opting for one of these summer trends is an easy way to have a little fun up at the alter with your wedding party. BravoBride offers a large array of bridesmaids dresses to help add a little flare to your big day.

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